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Sadhna Completes My Love Story

The story of my love life starts with Sadhna. Circa 2005. Kirti Nagar, Delhi.

I was on a short, one-month trip to meet my folks in India. 

The unassuming moi didn't realize that mom had something up her sleeve. She'd floated a matrimonial ad for me in The Times of India, which read something like a tweet: "Need a suitable match for an NRI, 26, Male, Hindu, working for Samsung Korea." You know, the usual crap!

The ad was an instant hit, which wasn't a surprise knowing how obsessed our junta seems to be with NRIs. She received over 1000+ responses, and poor dad had to filter all the Janam Kundlis and photographs of prospective brides, along with other trivial details about their personal lives. 

Ouch! That must've hurt!

"The setting was simply perfect," mom recalls. An NRI beta on vacation, a beautiful Hindu girl ready to get hitched, and a blissful arranged marriage setup between two middle-class families. Right? 


She started discussing marriage with…