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Get, Set, and Bolt in the New Tata BOLT

I am a writer driven by a passion for hatchbacks. I absolutely love cars that provide bang for the buck. Excellent fuel efficiency with burst of power. Stunning design and generation next safety. I'm unwilling to settle in for anything less than the best.

My high expectations of what I desire from the perfect mean machine are often squashed by car manufacturers in India who are either compromising on the quality by not providing all the features or on the design by not being innovative.

Tata is the only Indian car company I can think of that is trying to change the norm and bring about a paradigm shift in the way we look at driving on Indian roads by putting in the best of engineering practices into their design. Pick any new car from Tata and you're likely to rave about its style and comfort. My own admiration of Tata started from Nano, grew with Zest, and has continued to increase ever since.

Quite naturally, I was super-excited to learn that they are launching a new hatchback …