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Discovering A Whole New World This Valentine's Day

For years, Valentine's Day has been celebrated as a day when we rejoice and show love to the ones who matter the most in our lives. A chance to get closer to the emotions deeply felt each day.

When cupid strikes, the heart triggers a desire to give part of your soul to that special someone.  

I still remember my first Valentine with Sadhna in 2006. My heart telling me that she was the one ... the one I'd been waiting for ... the one I'd love forever.

And my heart was right.

In that perfect moment when I'd proposed to her, I gave her myself completely ... knowing that my heart will remain safe and snug with her.

To me, love is the purest of all emotions. Unadulterated and non-judgmental. Love, like life, ought to be celebrated each day. Not with material but memories that rekindle and keep that desire burning.

If I'm granted unlimited powers on the coming Valentine's Day, I would take my sweetheart on a journey in time and space, showing her a whole new world just wi…