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Evading A Painful Past By Rising Above Fear

I don't know how to start today's post or where to start from. Probably afraid of revisiting the past. 

A painful, inglorious past – one that I wish to erase permanently. 

I'm equally aware that unless I share my story with a larger audience, it'll continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. To heal completely, I need to evade every bit of negativity that has surrounded me for years.

So there, I was a victim of verbal and physical abuse during childhood.

You heard it!

Only my wife and a few close friends know about this bitter truth, and now you. Time to bury the hatchet maybe. 

Here's my tryst with agony, consternation, and triumph.

The Beginning
I was an average Joe in school. Extroverted, talkative, and naughty. But never the kind to harm anyone intentionally. As someone who grew up on a staple diet of typical middle-class values, I was privy to all the nuisance I now wish no kid should ever indulge in while growing up.

My Childhood Ended Even Before It Started
The st…