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Igniting Hopes of Countless Indian Women via Sheroes

I'll start today's post with a heartfelt ode to a courageous woman - someone I know and continue to admire every day. Someone who left her country and sacrificed a flourishing career in teaching just so she could be with her man. Someone who understands motherhood and the challenges that comes along. Someone who always puts family before herself. 

I wish I could go on and on about Sadhna, and how she has changed me for the better. She is not just a life partner but my entire existence.

It hasn't particularly been easy for her to give up everything just like that. There were days when I'd return from work only to find her reeling in pain. It wasn't her struggle with the children that bothered me the most, but the loneliness that had started to build inside her slowly.

Sometimes she would talk about getting back to her feet again but then drop the idea altogether looking at our 2-year-old daughter Saanvi.

Her story seems no different to me than the several others we hea…