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Showing posts from October 31, 2014

Quikr Transformed Me Into A Happy Family Man

Traveling to me is like nirvana - the best way to rejuvenate the soul, mind, and body. During my seven-year sojourn in Korea, I traveled extensively to explore the scenic beauty of local terrains often unaffected by climate and linguistic roadblocks. Given an opportunity, I'd like to hit the road again and explore both natural and man-made wonders in the vicinity.

None of this would have been possible without my better half, Sadhna, a companion who shares the same joy and excitement about travel. The value of life lies in doing things together, walking hand in hand, going to unknown places to discover one's true self. She absolutely gets it and doesn't mind packing even at a couple of hours' notice.

My son, Rishab, has followed suit. A no muss, no fuss kinda guy - also a long-distance road traveler from a tender age.

But Life Isn't All Beer and Skittles ...

The lil diva, Saanvi, throws tantrums on the mere mention of travel. Why? Because she only enjoys small rides …