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An Unforgettable Diwali in South Korea

Diwali - that time of the year again when the entire nation erupts into a frantic celebration mode. A time for reunions, decorations, gifting, and splurging.

That's Not All

Not to forget the crazy ass traffic on roads, the gambling tradition, and the incessant binging and putting on those extra calories in the process.


Can someone do anything about the burn injuries and air/noise pollution that result as a direct consequence of burning those effing firecrackers?

Diwali in Korean Highschool

You probably think it's a joke but it's not :)

In this post, I'll share my most memorable Diwali story that dates back to circa 2011 when me along with wifey (Sadhna), son (Rishab, aged 3 at that time), and a colleague from Lionbridge Korea (let's call him Jalan "asshole" Andrade) celebrated the festival of lights in - lo and behold - a Korean highschool.

Sadhna wanted an elaborate Ghar Waali Diwali (, all the more so because we were a…