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Jeep and Bourbon, Part 24 #CelebrateBlogging

Chapter 24: Forgiveness Doesn't Mean Forgetting
Team Name: The Scribe Tribe

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"This is what you wanted, right?" Shekhar's voice began to muddle between despair and disgust.
Tara is still inconsolable.
"This is no time to fight you two. I'm calling the cops right away to lodge a complaint." Jenny retorted.
"I know of people who have been in this situation and I know it is pretty difficult. I've been with Jeremy for little over a year now ... and awhile back, I also developed feelings for Aryan. Even if I manage to push them away, I can't help feeling awful about the extreme bad choices I've made in my life. I was never like this and it sucks how I look so trashy now. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore!"  
Tara continues to be in a state of shock, almost aghast at what had happened. Or what could have. She doesn't know how to react to any of this.
"Why would he try to kidn…