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Jeep and Bourbon, Part 3 #CelebrateBlogging

Chapter 3: The Ignominy of Defeat
Team Name: The Scribe Tribe
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Tara and I were stacked as the odd pair in college, but it didn't matter to us. We were literally inseparable.

Even when we were the butt of all jokes, Tara shrugged off the criticism as harmless. Ours was a shaggy dog story. The best part was we weren't the ones to deny.

I look back now at the time we spent together, the love that defined us, and contemplate how quickly the romance fizzled out.

Tara always demanded something more from life, clearly not the one for half measures. On the contrary, I was the easy going type, never equating love with anything else.

"Look what you did, Shekhar! To me. To us."

"We could've had a fucking real good life! But you never wanted it, so what we have now is this!"

"Bloody six long months ... honestly what were you thinking?" Tara's voice grew even more louder.

Becoming a full-time, stay-at-home dad pos…