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Showing posts from July 12, 2014

Jifi Brings Social Banking To India

I dread visiting a bank. You can’t always expect them to be digitally driven or socially connected. While banking, I also look for convenience and comfort besides the usual perks like redemption of points, rewards, etc. In short, I want my banking experience to be totally rewarding.

Enter Jifi – Redefining new age banking in India
Keeping in mind the ever growing need to cater to India’s tech-savvy and socially networked youth, Kotak Mahindra Bank has recently launched Jifi, a fully integrated social bank account. If you like hanging out on Facebook or Twitter, Jifi can be a complete game changer in the way you look at banking. I kid you not!

No Minimum Balance? No Worries.
For starters, you don’t have to lose hair on maintaining a minimum balance in your bank account anymore. Make an initial payment of INR 5,000 to get started with Jifi, and you’ll be just fine. This zero-interest current account comes with no minimum balance requirement. Provides the kind of flexibility you’d always d…