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Top 10 Must See Places in Oman

I have always been a wanderer at heart. Never missing out on an opportunity to bagpack and break away from the maddening pace of the city life.
I guess a lot of folks spend their lifetime in finding their true calling. Not me though. 

Ever since I took on the path of self-discovery and reflection, everything has centered around travel.Making in-roads to mud-brick villages nestled amid remote valleys, stretching through the rough terrains and uncharted territories. Capturing life through a lens and a blog.  
For a new work assignment, I was asked to fly to the Sultanate of Oman. The very first thought that crossed my mind was will I land in an old Arab state right in the heart of the Persian Gulf.

To my surprise, Oman turned out to be quite a revelation; the kind of place where modernity blends with tradition. The land offers a spectacular postcard from a seemingly bygone era.
Sparsely inhabited landscapes, resplendent with an undiluted culture. Difficult not to admire and embrace the qu…