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Make Your Monsoon Get-together Unforgettable With Borosil

The arrival of monsoon is a treat for our senses. Raindrops on the leaves, the scent of wet soil, and the cool refreshing breeze. Just the right time for some mouth-watering delicacies.

But why eat alone?

Relief from the scorching heat should be a good enough reason to invite family and friends for a sumptuous meal.

To make your monsoon get-together unforgettable, be sure to include the latest and the most stylish ensemble of products from Borosil.

Ready for a welcome drink in Canard glasses?
Start your evening with a welcome drink. How about serving the chilled and refreshing Aam Panna garnished with mint and lime in the elegantly crafted Canard, Borosil's new range of design glasses that are available in a variety of contemporary silhouettes.

As the old proverb says, "Add a touch of elegance to your drinking experience." These glasses are exquisitely molded to enhance the palatability of your drink.

Serve your entrées in Borosil's Mini Plate Set
A get-together in a Punj…