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The Real Story of Seoul

Nine years ago, I transcended the physical boundaries to call Seoul my second home. Little did I realize, I was embarking on a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

For the outside world, Seoul might present itself as a sprawling, unique metropolis -- home to over 10 million people -- and undeniably, Korea's major economic, political, and cultural hub. However, for me, Seoul means all this and much more ...

Through this blog post, I'll share my perspective on Seoul.

Like most first-timers to Seoul, I too was awestruck by the sheer modernity of the city. Few could've imagined that the modern-day Seoul, as we know today, was at the verge of destruction during the Korean War. Its resurgence is symbolic in many ways.

The real story of Seoul is not hidden in the tall skyscrapers or the ancient Buddhist temples that encircle them, but in a few important landmarks that are historically significant.

Jongno - The Bell Street

Take Jongno street for instance. Better known as the “Bell St…