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Showing posts from March 4, 2014

Skyscanner plays a gracious host at the 17th IndiBlogger meet in Delhi

Yet another IndiBlogger meet has just culminated. Beyond the usual hoopla of introducing a new client and their product or service offering every time, IndiBlogger scores pretty decent in engaging the blogger community in India.

It's a win-win situation for at least three parties, including:
The sponsors: Usually the company sponsoring such events is looking to strengthen its PR and online marketing initiatives via word-of-mouth publicity on blogs or social networking sites like Twitter (as a matter of fact, the live tweets and the trending on Twitter using specific hashtags have proven to be such brilliant tools to get the word out!) The folks at IndiBlogger: Obviously, someone will end up raking in the moolah ;)The local blogging community: Who meet and trade ideas from time to time in the hopes of getting out of the everyday rut (don't get me started on the unabashed networking, which evidently gets into full swing each time a large-scale event is organized; plus the usual c…