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How to Network When Living Abroad

[Claudine Williams wrote this guest post on behalf of MNUI, a travel insurance company. You might also want to check out her blog, "Korea-Diva".]

When living abroad for an extended period of time, it's a good idea to have a solid network of friends. You need people with whom you can share your experiences, laugh, or simply relax. However, because you are new to the country, finding new friends can be a challenging task. That's why you should try to network as much as you can, before you leave your home country.

Make friends in the new country, before you even leave home. This is a possibility, thanks to the Internet and social networking. You can find groups of people who are also traveling to your new country, or you can meet people who are already settled there.

I highly recommend using Facebook Groups on to meet friends with your interests who may be living abroad. You can find groups for just about everything on Facebook. If a group does…