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Tech Checklist When Traveling Overseas

[Yi Chen wrote this guest post on behalf of MNUI, a travel insurance company. I invited Yi to share her experiences on my blog, mainly because she has traveled a lot around Asia. Since she comes from a pure technology background, I asked her to provide a comprehensive tech checklist of what to do before traveling overseas. For example, backing up documents in Dropbox, sussing out Wi-Fi hotspots, and insuring your devices. You might also want to check out her blog, "My Several Worlds".]

Organizing travel plans can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to what to pack. No matter how many times we do a mock pack run-through, we always tend to accidentally leave something behind. When it comes to the technology side of things, it's probably something we least care about. Hopefully this list provides helpful hints for your future travels.

Online Travel Registration
This one is always overlooked but probably an important aspect if you're traveling to a country…