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Showing posts from February 11, 2010

My interview on KBS World Radio Program, "Seoul Report"

I'm just so in love with blogging! Apart of my own blog (When the Muse Strikes!), I have also blogged exclusively for the PC Magazine (Gearlog), Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), and TechBuzz. Of late, due to extensive traveling (yeah, my MBA is taking me places!) and other work-related commitments, I haven't been able to update my blog much as I'd have wanted to.Last October I was in for a pleasant surprise when a representative from the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) informed me that I was chosen as one of Korea's Top 100 Cultural Bloggers.My initial reaction was "How can this possibly be? I have only written two blog posts on Korea, and none of them really talked about culture per se. Could this be a hoax?" Turns out it was not! I was invited to join an all-expense-paid Bloggers' Travel Camp for three days, and all I had to do was to pack the panniers and oblige them.Apart from traveling to Jeongseon…