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South Korea Beckons: Global Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity Strategies for Western Technical Communicators

For the past four years, I've lived outside India. Being an expatriate has given me a unique perspective; it has made me more responsive toward the issues of global awareness and cultural sensitivity. More importantly, working as a technical communicator in East Asia has rewarded me with firsthand experience of the cultural differences and their implications on both my professional and personal life. Through this article, I'd like to share my experiences—good and bad—with Western technical communicators, about what it's like to work for a Korean company.Overcoming Cultural PangsAs an expatriate in Korea, it took me just one week to realize how different Korean culture is compared to Indian culture. The Japanese occupation and the war with North Korea have left footprints on modern Korean culture. The traditional values in South Korea stem from deep-rooted Confucian ideology. Confucianism or "The School of the Scholars" revolves around social, political, philosoph…