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Top Technology Trends Shaping the Digital Revolution

Time's Person of the Year for 1983 was, for the first time, not a person. It was the personal computer (PC). Even after three decades, computing and software continue to evolve and be an indispensable part of our lives.

The proliferation of technology has changed the way we live - the way we watch movies; the way we play games; the way we snap pictures; the way we listen to songs; the way we print; the way we shop; and much more. Simply put, everything around us has undergone or is still undergoing a profound change. 
On the flip side, technology does not change how we do things; it only changes whom we pay for the service. For instance, we still watch movies on TV much the same way, even though the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) took off with a bang in 1994. Home theaters improved the cinematic experience but at a great cost to the consumer. No more commercials while watching a movie at home; simply rent or purchase a CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray Disc of the movie with a corresponding p…