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Demystifying Offshore Visits for Business

Demystifying Offshore Visits for BusinessNarasimha Kumar, Head of Regulatory IT Compliance at TCS, Bangalore, has been globe-trotting for business since 2002. In the recent times, Yamini W. Nafde, Senior Technical Communicator with the Communication and Design Group (CDG) at Infosys Technologies Limited, Pune, visited three different on-site clients in the U.S. alone.Besides presenting a great learning opportunity on both the personal and professional fronts, Kumar opines, "In today's global economy, it is good to have a well-rounded work experience in more than one geography."Offshore client visits may be triggered by the need to interact with colleagues, subject matter experts (SMEs), managers, and so on. And as enthusiastic as I am about the emerging tools to facilitate virtual collaboration and communication, some face-to-face meeting is imperative for assuring that a team effectively achieves its goals.In this article, we shall try to identify the impac…