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Gear up for next year's appraisal, now.

Gear up for next year's appraisal, now.So you've had a bad appraisal. What can you possibly do to avert the damage, before the company writes you off as deadwood? Considering most performance appraisals are formally conducted once- or twice-a-year, you can use the evaluation period as an opportunity to summarize what you have demonstrated.

Appraisals often state the goals, roles, and expectations for the coming year...perhaps all of them were not met or addressed as expected. Before you get all worked up and annoyed with the appraiser, let the raging and rampaging devil in you calm down somewhat, and evaluate your appraisal on a broader level.

In anticipation of your next appraisal, you can gear up by adding some valuable tools in your arsenal.

A bad appraisal does not come as a surprise, unless the employee is an earthling and the manager a Martian, and there is a complete mismatch in just about everything.

The company has already invested heavily in you as an empl…