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Top 10 Challenges Faced By Technical Communicators at Work (Part 1)

Recently I asked the members of Technical Writers India (TWI) listserv about challenges they continually face at work. The whole point was to understand about the pain areas and derive some workable solutions to meet those challenges. The results were startling to say the least. 1. Inability to separate content from informationOne of the members complained how difficult it was for him to obtain content from engineers. The problem, in my opinion, lies somewhere else. Technical communicators should learn how to separate content from information. In words of Bill Swallow, HATT and WWP-Users List Owner and a senior STC member for the TechValley Chapter, "the two are quite different." I could not agree more.As professional technical communicators, first understand what is it you are trying to gather from the engineers – is it content or information? Be specific. Content is a vast term. It can imply design documents or first draft written by engineers. You do not seek…