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The World of a Freelancer

I always knew my wife could write – those long, beautiful romantic letters she wrote during our courtship are etched forever in my mind. Back then, it never occurred to me that her immaculate English speaking and writing skills were actually a gift that could be used in the future. The StartA few months ago, my wife secured a technical writing assignment as a freelancer. This assignment was outsourced by a US-based publishing and trade show company focused on the telecommunications industry. The company publishes hundreds of articles on their website each week. For this assignment, they were seeking freelancers to write technology-related articles for their website, which implied they only wanted to hire a tech-savvy writer.My wife's education is in commerce and French. She strongly detests computers. On any given day, she would rather sit at Starbucks with her favorite Paulo Coelho novel, instead of burning the midnight oil in front of a computer. This was until she entered into …