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Showing posts from December 29, 2006

Technically Write

Are you suffering from bouts of technophilia? Do you bend over backwards to understand technology? If you write daily about new or complex products, it seems highly improbable that you will not value the underlying technology. Most writers admit that they continually face the challenge in learning different technologies at their workplace. If content is today's king, then why such an outcry about technology? Well, here goes... The technological change is a moving target. You cannot gain complete dominance over a moving target. Yet with the correct approach, you can aim for the right spot. Technological change has affected, and will continue to affect, our profession. Technical communication professionals worldwide are expected to increase their existing skill sets. While the core competencies remain the same, we need to pick up new knowledge and continually demonstrate it at our workplaces.The ScenarioYou have been asked to document a new compiler manual. One of your prim…