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Technical Communication in India – Past, Present, and Future

I never imagined myself as a technical writer if you'd have asked me. I did not study to become one, and certainly did not inherit it from my family lineage. Of course, I had little knowledge about the technical communication profession a few years ago. About the time I graduated from college in 2001, the technical communication field began gaining credibility in India, thanks to some laudable efforts from professional bodies such as the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and INTECOM. Opportunities for aspiring technical writers at that time were not abundant. If you ask me now, the problem was getting started since the information technology (IT) industry was experiencing its own economic downturn.The Road Less Traveled I clearly remember - my first call for an interview came after two months of meeting with consultants, placing resumes on various job boards, and calling the human resources departments of various multinational companies. The adverse circumstanc…