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Top 10 Lessons I Learned as a Technical Communicator

One of my long-lasting wishes has been to write about my life as a technical communicator. Every time I got to it, I wondered: What significant contribution have I made to the community? Even if I did make one, should I go about writing it? Why exactly would someone like to read about my life and the lessons I have learned over the years? I wasn’t too sure if these were reasons strong enough to shun this article for a revisit later. Obviously, I have been writing month by month for TechCraft, giving you small tidbits from my life. But this month was extra special: we were about to launch the 25th issue of TechCraft and I really had to think out-of-the-way! So I did what I was best at: get my act together and just write.When you are employed as a technical communicator, one of the strongest tools in your arsenal is words. Most writers today try to emphasize on the right words to suit their audience type. However, how does one know with surety: which words are ‘right?’Lesson 1: Choose t…