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Estimating Resources in Technical Writing

Are you working as a documentation manager, whose job responsibilities involve hiring technical writers on a shoestring budget? Even if you are one in the making, this article might be very relevant to you. Most of what I am going to cover, relates to project management principles that can easily be applied to your line of work.Let's say you have a new documentation project in the pipeline. You need to hire a group of technical writers and form a core team that caters to all project requirements. Since you are the documentation manager, the onus lies on you - not only to select the best resources for the successful completion of the project but also to provide an accurate estimate of costs. Please note, when I say "resources," it does not imply people alone, but includes facilities, equipments, materials, software, and expenses.We all know that people are the most indispensable resource needed to successfully complete a project. They are a common resource for all project…