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Showing posts from February 28, 2006

Managing the TWI mailing list - as Tough as it Gets

The success or failure of any mailing list depends entirely on its members - as in how effectively can they contribute on the list or how diligently can they enhance the quality of ongoing discussions. If you watch closely, the level of discussions combined with the maturity of posters is what characterizes these mailing lists to a large extend. For instance, take a firsthand look at Technical Writers India mailing list or TWI, as it is popularly called (Refer, When you have a mailing list like TWI, the members intrinsically form the core of all discussions. There is an inherent focus on interaction and networking. Collaboration in this context does sound like an easy word, but more often than not, it is badly implemented. Let me share why managing such virtual communities is seemingly difficult and why a little dose of moderation is absolutely necessary.To illustrate, I am again choosing TWI as the perfect alibi. This group con…