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How Happiness Converts to Writing?

"You can easily find people who are ten times as rich at sixty as they were at twenty; but not one of them will tell you that they are ten times as happy," wrote George Bernard Shaw (Irish literary Critic, Playwright and Essayist, who won the 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature.) I couldn't disagree much... Happiness can be a darn confusing word for some. The definition of happiness isn't just confined to a particular person, place, or situation. It can have different connotations for different people, but generally it has been seen that happiness comes when we pursue our own things and listen to the voice of our hearts!When I decided to become a full-time technical writer, I always knew where I was headed for. And from where I stand today, I am extremely proud of it. Happiness stems from belief and confidence in one's own capabilities. The rest, as they say, automatically follows.Let me assume that you are here because you wanted to be a 'successful' technic…

Technical Writing - an 'orchestrated' performance

If you sweep past the first paragraph of this article, there is every single possibility that you might be lured into reading the entire lot. The greatest challenge confronted with any genre of writing (be it fiction or nonfiction, technical or creative) is to connect with all kinds of people. A good writer probably knows this, and therefore never attempts to maneuver with words.

To an extent, what you write is a reflection of your inner self - situations that you have personally identified with - dropping subtle hints about your personality and state of emotional well being. In many ways, it characterizes you as an individual. The other day, an aspiring technical writer wrote to me. He asked "Rahul, how has this profession treated you all these years? Does it ever get to you?" I candidly replied, "As a Technical Writer, I take immense pride in the products I write for, even though my scope is limited, and ditto with the words I choose."

In fact, heart of hearts, …