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TechCraft – The Road Ahead

When you strive towards continuous improvement by hard work and determination, you probably don't know what good will eventually come out of it. What you do know is that any effort, however small or large, never goes waste. It may sometimes simply go unnoticed.A couple of years ago, I had to lobby extensively for TechCraft, trying to convince people to read it. I don't do that anymore. In fact, it's the other way round now…people write to me and congratulate for the wonderful work done for this ezine. While I deeply and wholeheartedly thank everyone for their extended support, I want to share that all this and more definitely comes for a price. Managing TechCraft is an extremely difficult exercise, not because of limited time and resources but the fact that most of the people associated with the ezine have their own personal lives as well. In my opinion, writing monthly articles is a challenge for volunteers; let alone the time spent in editing and placing these article…

Talk to Me – I am the User

I want to talk about learning. But not the lifeless, sterile, futile, quickly forgotten stuff that is crammed in to the mind of the poor helpless individual tied into his seat by ironclad bonds of conformity! I am talking about LEARNING - the insatiable curiosity that drives the adolescent boy to absorb everything he can see or hear or read about gasoline engines in order to improve the efficiency and speed of his 'cruiser'. I am talking about the student who says, "I am discovering, drawing in from the outside, and making that which is drawn in a real part of me." I am talking about any learning in which the experience of the learner progresses along this line: "No, no, that's not what I want"; "Wait! This is closer to what I am interested in, what I need"; "Ah, here it is! Now I'm grasping and comprehending what I need and what I want to know!"

- Carl Rogers
Hiya Writers,

How have you been? I am the quintessential end user of yo…