Cashify - The Best Online Platform To Sell Your Old Or Used Gadgets

The best part of technology is that it is ever-evolving. Ironically, with the rapid pace at which the technology is changing, every piece of gadgetry that you own now or will purchase in the near future will become obsolete, sooner than you'd imagine.

The BIG question then is: what will you do when your old or used gadgets become redundant? Well, the short and long answer to that is Cashify, an app and web-based platform that enables you to determine the highest price for your old devices and get instant cash for selling online.

But first things first. Log on to or download the free app from Google Play or App Store.

How Cashify Works

Step 1

Once you are able to search and select your old or used device to be sold on Cashify, the platform helps you unlock the best selling price based on the present condition of your gadget and the current market price. The best offer is displayed within a fraction of seconds.

Step 2

If you accept the best price offered for your device, Cashify arranges a free pickup.

Step 3

Instant cash is handed over to you at the time of pickup or through the payment mode of your choice.

Really, it's that simple!

Here are my top recommendations on why Cashify is the best online platform to sell your old or used gadgets.

Sell Directly to Cashify, Not to Multiple Buyers 

Cashify helps to unlock the highest price for your old or used gadgets with the least amount of effort. Gone are the days when you had to visit a retail store or talk to multiple buyers online to get an evaluation of your old gadgets like mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops, TVs (LEDs/ LCDs/ CRTs), gaming consoles, refrigerators, air conditioners, or washing machines.

With Cashify, you no longer need to haggle with anyone while selling your devices online. In order to provide a hassle-free experience, Cashify purchases the products directly from you.

By leveraging a localized network of professional buyers* across the country, Cashify eases the process of selling online in the fastest way possible while rendering a seamless user experience.

[If you're a professional buyer and want to get affiliated to Cashify Partner Program, drop an email at]

Assured Sale in 3 Easy Steps

Cashify knows that you want everything fast and easy, which is why they've introduced the concept of an 'assured sale'. Complete the sale* in just three steps i.e. Search, Select, and Sell.

[*Bulk selling is also possible through Cashify. In case you want to sell anything in bulk (more than 5 items) and want a customized quote, you can mail to]

Privacy of Information

Cashify scores high on securing the privacy of sensitive information for all its customers.

Free Pickup for Gadgets

To provide the ultimate convenience to customers, Cashify offers free pickups for gadgets once you accept the price quote.

Instant Cash at Your Doorstep

Cashify offers instant cash for selling your old or used devices right at your doorstep.

Pays to Have Friends

Share the Cashify app along with your unique code and earn ₹ 150 every time your friends transact.

In summary, among the plethora of superb advantages of selling via Cashify, the biggest ones are:
  • Get instant price quote
  • Assured sale 
  • Hassle-free experience
  • Full privacy of information
  • Free device pickup
  • Instant cash delivered at your doorstep
Cashify provides the best, most convenient, and secure solutions to sell old gadgets online. So what are you waiting for? Get Cashified!

[Enter the coupon code CLEANCASH to get an additional ₹ 250 on the sale of your gadgets.]


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  1. I need to sell my laptop now and this seems like a good place to go. Will download today and check this out. Glad you posted this..what timing when i putting my ad on olx

  2. Wow I didn’t know about Cashify. Thanks for introducing me to a new application, something to look for when I want to buy some used gadgets.

  3. Forget gadgets, I need to sell my two prams and seems like no one uses prams in India.

  4. Good to know that cashify is dealing in home appliances too. I have seen one cashify kiosk at a metro station too.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  5. I knew about exchanges and other sites but this is the first time I'm listening of cashify. I guess it will help me to buy and sell gadgets,

  6. This is a great concept to get rid of old phones you no longer have any use for. Heard a lot about this online platform. Will going to check out this for sure. Thanks for sharing

  7. Wow thanks for sharing this. We have 2 old phones in the house which we need to sell off. I am going to check out the website and make some money out of my old phones :)

  8. I have heard of Cashify before but haven't tried yet for selling anything. Thanks for the information will try soon.

  9. I haven't heard about cashify earlier.. Seems like a great website.


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