Have You Discovered Mozimo: India's Premier European-Handcrafted Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Brand?

In this blog post, I explore Mozimo: India's First Authentic European-Handcrafted Bean-to-Bar Artisanal Chocolate Brand.

Experience the Essence of Mozimo

When you think of European-crafted artisanal chocolate, you might not immediately think of India. However, Mozimo is here to change that perception. Nestled in the heart of Chandigarh, Mozimo is India's first authentic European-handcrafted bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate brand.

Handcrafted Mozimo Chocolates Single Origin Hazelnut Spread

The Genesis of Sweetness

In 2021, two passionate explorers, Amritanshu Agarwal and Priyanka Gupta, set out on a journey to discover the ultimate chocolate experience. For them, chocolate wasn't just a sweet indulgence—it was a canvas for artistic expression and a realm of endless discovery. Their quest took them across India, Dubai, and Europe in search of the finest cocoa and the best chocolate-making techniques.

Amritanshu Agarwal and Priyanka Gupta

During their travels, they built relationships with South Indian cocoa growers who for the longest time have remained committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. They meticulously handpicked cocoa beans rich in heritage and legacy. To ensure that their chocolates were crafted to perfection, they imported state-of-the-art machinery from Europe. Their European sojourns allowed them to master the art of chocolate-making, experiencing firsthand the explosion of flavors and the richness that only true artisanal chocolates can offer.

Cocoa Mozimo Uses

Elevating Standards

Driven by a deep 'sweet passion,' Amritanshu and Priyanka poured their hearts into creating Mozimo. Launched in 2023, Mozimo quickly became a trendsetter in Chandigarh's culinary scene. As India's premier European-crafted bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate brand, Mozimo celebrates the diverse and exquisite nuances of single-origin cocoa beans.

Hazelnut Bark

At Mozimo, chocolate is more than just a confection—it's an immersive journey into decadence. Each creation, from raw, textured barks to velvety dark chocolate bars, luscious pralines, classic dragees, whimsical rocky chunks, creamy spreads, and delectable gelatos, is designed to tantalize the senses. Mozimo offers a symphony of flavors, harmoniously paired with fruits, nuts, spices, beverages, and savory delights.

Amritanshu Agarwal at Mozimo

Stepping into Willy Wonka's Land

Mozimo isn't just a retail space—it's a dynamic working studio that immerses patrons in the authentic journey from bean to bar. Inspired by Italian aesthetics, Mozimo's ambiance reflects the timeless beauty of Venetian architecture, with mirrors enhancing the perception of depth and fostering a sense of connection across its three levels.


Inside Mozimo, the artistry unfolds in real-time. Witness the transformation of cocoa beans through roasting, cracking, winnowing, and refining, all done on-site with European methodologies and cutting-edge machinery. This process coaxes out the inherent flavors of the beans, encapsulating chocolate in its purest essence.

Amritanshu Agarwal at Mozimo

Each Mozimo chocolate bar is a luxurious, whimsical masterpiece, crafted by artisans driven by passion and expertise. These bars are a testament to the meticulous artistry and devotion that define Mozimo's creations.

Handcrafted Mozimo Chocolates Single Origin Milk Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut Dragees

Commitment to Sustainability

Mozimo is dedicated to culinary innovation and sustainability. They are committed to creating indulgent delights that tantalize the senses while fostering well-being and environmental stewardship. Mozimo uses eco-conscious packaging, eschewing plastic for paper, glass, jute, and cloth, and ensuring their products contain zero preservatives and additives.

Mozimo's Eco-conscious Packaging

Their commitment extends to sourcing premium cocoa from regions free from slavery, with South India serving as a beacon of ethical cocoa cultivation. At Mozimo, the fusion of delectable flavors and sustainable practices offers a truly enchanting experience for chocolate connoisseurs.

A Legacy of Innovation

The founders of Mozimo, Amritanshu Agarwal and Priyanka Gupta, are no strangers to pioneering efforts. Over a decade ago, they established Hops 'n' Grains, India's fifth microbrewery, which revolutionized the beer-drinking culture in Chandigarh's Tricity. Now, with Mozimo, they are set to redefine the confectionery landscape, marrying European artisanal craftsmanship with Indian sensibilities.

Amritanshu Agarwal and Priyanka Gupta at Mozimo

Mozimo is more than just a chocolate brand—it's a celebration of art, taste, and sustainable practices, inviting you to experience the magic of true artisanal chocolate. Let the transcendent language of chocolate unite us all.

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  1. What a decadent experience. It screams sweet luxury. Love the fillings. Am trying this out soon!

    1. Hey Bedabrata,

      So glad you're intrigued by Mozimo! Their chocolates definitely sound decadent, right? I can't wait to hear what flavors you end up trying. They have some really unique flavor combinations that go beyond your typical chocolate bar.

      Let me know what you think after you indulge!

  2. I found this post truly interesting. Have always been fascinated by the world of chocolates and how chocolate making has evolved into a fine art. Mozimo sound truly amazing. I was also riveted by the story of the founders, and how the genesis of the brand. Sandy N Vyjay

    1. Hey Sandy,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad you found the post interesting. The world of chocolate is pretty fascinating, right? It's amazing to see how it's gone from a simple treat to this whole bean-to-bar movement focused on quality and unique flavors.

      And I agree with you, the founders' story about traveling to Italy for inspiration is really cool. It makes the whole brand experience even more special.

      Are you a dark chocolate fan or do you prefer milk chocolate? Maybe you've even tried bean-to-bar chocolate before? I'd love to hear what your favorite type of chocolate is!

  3. Wow an Indian bean to bar brand mozimo sounds interesting. I love the look of the hazelnut bark. Do they ship pan india ?

    1. Hey Sindhu! I'm glad you found Mozimo interesting. Their hazelnut bark is indeed a treat! Yes, they do ship across India, so you can enjoy their delicious chocolates no matter where you are. Definitely worth a try!

  4. Chocolates are my guilty pleasure. The darker they are, the more appealing they are to me! I would really love to try the Mozimo chocolates!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, Mandira! Mozimo chocolates are truly a treat, especially if you love dark chocolate. Their rich, handcrafted flavors are simply irresistible. I can't wait for you to try them and hear your thoughts!

  5. I have never heard about Mozimo, but your post made me realize that I should definately give it a try. Their special curated handcrafted chocolates box are surely an amazing way to express love to the friends and family. Do they have any branch in Gurgaon as well ? Would love to check that.

    1. Hi Pamela! I'm so glad my post introduced you to Mozimo. Their handcrafted chocolates are indeed a delightful way to show love to friends and family. As far as I know, Mozimo doesn't have a branch in Gurgaon yet, but you can always check their website for updates or order online. I'm sure you'll love their chocolates as much as I do!


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