Nippon Paint X'press - Providing Ultra Quick, Professional Body And Paint Repair Services In Gurugram

In this blog post, I cover a new partnership between Nippon Paint and Blue Bird Automotive to provide high-quality car painting and car care solutions under one roof in Gurugram.

My parents relocated to Gurugram in 1997; I joined them in 2012. I enjoy living in the Millennium City, I really do! For starters, my workplace is a stone's throw away from home. It saves my commute time every day which is a huge advantage if you know what I mean.

But there are days when it gets difficult too! Like the other day my wife's car broke down in the middle of nowhere and the roadside assistance took a while to come. The scary part was not that the car had stopped abruptly but the fact that my wife was alone. She needed immediate help. Instances like these make us hope for something personalized, something super quick!

It seems like Asia's leading paint manufacturer, Nippon Paint has finally figured out a great solution to my, er, our woes by unveiling their flagship car painting and car care center called Nippon Paint X'press, in partnership with Gurugram based Blue Bird Automotive.

With the emphasis on ultra quick service and professional experience, this partnership addresses the challenge of providing same day body and paint repair services, especially with respect to premium segment cars. By introducing a brand new facility spread across 22,000 square feet, Nippon Paint X'press aims to service up to 15 cars at a time, combining world-class products and technical prowess.

Nippon Paint X'press ushers a new era in body and paint repair by focusing on efficiency and quality by delivering high-quality paint jobs for customers, in a couple of days or even the same day. Blue Bird Automotive brings in more than 25 years of industry experience and their expertise perfectly complements the cutting edge Japanese technology and efficiency of Nippon's solutions to deliver a delightful experience and exceed customer expectations.

Taking great pride in their commitment towards nature, Asia's No.1 Coatings company Nippon offers eco-friendly solutions to customers. With value-added services like the unique 'Cera-Bond' ceramic coating and paint protection, Gurugram customers can now enjoy the convenience of a one-stop solution powered by machine learning color tools for accurate color matching.

Nippon Paint has over 139 years of experience in paint manufacturing and is the number one paint manufacturer in Asia and one of the top paint manufacturers of the world.

The Nippon Paint Automotive Refinish portfolio provides complete paint and consumables solutions for organized car dealer body shops, independent body shops, and small sized body shops.

Car painting and car care have never been easier for Gurugram's busy workforce, looking for personalized and fast service. Gurugram now leads the way for personalized and super quick car care services.

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