Have You Visited The DS Dosa Factory in Connaught Place Yet?

In this blog post, I cover DS Dosa Factory, an authentic South Indian restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Just imagine you're visiting a quirky South Indian restaurant in your favorite part of the city, and you are greeted with a 5.5 feet dosa. Trust me, you'll never see a bigger dosa than this in your life (I haven't!!!), and for this reason alone, you must visit the DS Dosa Factory in Connaught Place, New Delhi, at least once. 

Family Dosa

The highlight of my visit to the DS Dosa Factory was this gigantic Family Dosa which takes approximately 10 minutes to prepare and more than 30 minutes to savor by at least two people. Everyone wanted a photograph with it, and why not!

DS Dosa Factory is the brainchild of restaurateur Sunjjoy Bhardwaj who opened the first branch of the retail outlet chain on October 11, 2016. In a short span of five years, the family-owned business has become a brand to reckon with; just looking at the sheer number of outlets they have across the country, you can tell that they are expanding in a big way. They already have a presence in Vaishali, Jhilmil, Noida, Connaught Place, Crossings Republic, Rajendra Nagar, Geeta Colony, Hyderabad, Ramnagar (Uttarakhand), and Purnia (Bihar).

Sunjjoy Bhardwaj

So what's the reason for their success, one may ask! At DS Dosa Factory, expect freshly cooked vegetarian South Indian fare with essential ingredients like coconut, tamarind, curry leaves, and mustard. They offer more than 80 varieties of Dosa alone at pocket-friendly prices. Their menu has a host of mouthwatering options starting from Idli and Vada to Uttapam and Upma. Leveraging in-house recipes and spices from the South, they're making sure DS Dosa Factory is the best QSR in Delhi.

Adai Dosa

My favorites included Adai Dosa (made using lentils including toor dal, urad dal, and a small amount of chana dal and rice), Mini Idli Tadka, and Karam Podi Ghee Masala Dosa (made using Gun Powder). And while you're at it, try their signature beverages, such as Rasam, Filter Coffee, and Paan Mojito.

The restaurant's ambiance can turn off a few customers. The space can also feel cramped, especially if you're sitting near the kitchen area. 

DS Dosa Factory

Ground seating is the best if you're visiting the restaurant with your family. They also have mezzanine seating in case you need a bit of privacy.

DS Dosa Factory

There is some room for service improvement, but overall, the staff is trained, courteous, and smiling.

Chefs at DS Dosa Factory

Service Staff at DS Dosa Factory

Another area to focus on is the plating (I mean who serves South Indian food on yellow plastic plates?). They could probably serve on banana leaves - completely biodegradable, organic, hygienic, and chemical-free. 

DS Dosa Factory

DS Dosa Factory will never match up to the standards set by the iconic Saravana Bhavan, but to their credits, at least they're trying. I can't wait to revisit the outlet with my family. 

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  1. I have never been to any Dosa factory but have heard a lot about it. This place looks very welcoming. I liked its interior. I am an idli-dosa fan. Would like to try it out in my next India trip.

  2. Here in Pleasanton ( california), we never get an authentic Indian style dosa and I always missed the taste and varieties of Indian dosa. dosa factory sounds like an ideal place to enjoy different dosas. that gigantic dosa is looking super amazing.

  3. Wow ...Delhi is undoubtedly one of the best place for food and this place looks just perfect for dosa lovers like me. Will definitely going to check this place in my next visit to Delhi.

  4. Wow that family dosa is huge. I am not a huge fan of dosa but will have it occasionally. I will definitely keep The DS Dosa Factory in mind when I visit CP.

  5. Damn! I should have read this post a couple of months ago. I was in CP and was looking for a nice restaurant. I would have loved to have visited The DS Dosa Factory. Oh well, for the next time.


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