Have You Visited Green House - The Beer Garden?

In this blog post, I cover Green House - The Beer Garden, a microbrewery nestled inside the busy Eros City Square Mall, Sector 49, Gurugram.

Quite honestly, I'm still not sold out on the idea of eating out at a restaurant since the pandemic is anything but over. That said, there is lil comfort in knowing that most restaurants are following minimum safety protocols at least and the outlets as such are not as crowded on weekends or holidays as they used to be.

This weekend we decided to dine at a microbrewery in the heart of Sector 49, Gurugram by the name of Green House - The Beer Garden. The brewpub is the brainchild of restaurateur Harsh Yadav, Founder and Managing Director since December 2017.

For five years, customers have been thronging the place to taste freshly brewed beers. Yours truly visited to try their fine selection of Indian, Continental, and Oriental delicacies.

Located on the second floor of the Eros City Square Mall, the brewpub is easy to locate from the main entrance of the mall and can be accessed by both stairs and elevators.

My first impression about the property was how massive it was; the main floor can easily accommodate up to 180 covers on a busy day. Customers have the option to dine indoors or outdoors depending on their preference.

The plush wooden interiors are unconventional yet contemporary and go well with the 'Go Green' theme of the restaurant.

Just so you know they brew three types of beers and you can even sample beers before placing an order.

If you're not a beer person, they have a fully-stocked bar section with a nice ensemble of cocktails or mocktails. 

Another highlight about the ambiance is that they have two large TV screens that play popular Western music videos, a retractable roof that opens whenever feasible, a separate smoking cabin, and a stage for entertaining live music.

With Chef Ashok Bhandari at the helm of affairs inside the kitchen, you're definitely in safe hands. The big question is: what should you order? Choose from a variety of options I'd say. The Peri Peri Pizza is a 12" thin crust pizza, perfect for at least four people. Other favorites include the Chicken Sizzler and Corn and Cheese Nuggets.

Pair these delectable small bites with some cool summery mocktails such as the Jerry Guava, Chili Cucumbertino, and Berry Cooler. Try the Strawberry Daiquiri if you're in the mood for vodka-based cocktails instead. That's what I ordered!

For mains, you can go for the Diced Chicken with Schezwan sauce and fried rice. If you want to order Indian, Kadai Paneer and Garlic Naan would leave you wanting more!

Indulge in sweet decadence by ordering the Chocolate Lasagna. This would provide the perfect ending to your excellent culinary experience.

Green House - The Beer Garden is a must-visit for connoisseurs of food. If you're fond of good food and hospitality, you can plan a visit soon. I'm returning for sure!

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  1. This Green house beer garden looks so amazing and the food looks even more amazing .I would love visit this beer garden. I love drinking and trying out new craft beers.

  2. I've always been a big fan of sector 29 and the hotels/pubs there. Gurugram has expanded rapidly. The next time I visit I'm going to try the food at the Green House Beer garden. Also kudos on the pictures.

  3. Yes am fan of good food & hospitality. That pizza looks so drooling & that noodles, yum. I can’t wait to visit this place.

  4. The Green House looks really amazing for an evening outing in a nice locale with some good food. The decor looks amazing and the sweet Lasagna really seductive.

  5. Who doesn’t like a freshly brewed beer. Me and my husband love em. This is definitely on my to visit list. Thanks for the info.

  6. I love a good hospitality. So yes it looks perfect...

  7. I am not a beer person but the food here looks so delicious and amazing. I would love to visit the Green house sometime.

  8. I too have not given up on restaurants seeking the idea of following safety precautions. I am just drooling over this place. I am a fan of beer though

  9. I can always rely on you for your recommendations! My list has gotten rusty in this pandemic. Can you believe I haven't been to a restaurant in these past 13 months?

  10. Our family friends whom we visit every year in Gurgaon stay very close to this place. I will surely visit this place next time coz I am sure my husband is going to have sme good time there with his Beer for sure.


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