Homemade Celebrations - How Pandemic Has Brought Back The Nostalgia Of Family Time

Have you ever realized that one minute you're here and then out of the blue, your whole world could come crashing down? All it takes is a deadly virus to turn your world upside down.

Life in a pandemic can easily throw your plans out of gear, but would you allow it to take your focus away from what matters? Family, for instance. Of course not!

In this blog post, I will talk about how the pandemic has brought back the nostalgia of family time.

Ever since I graduated, I have been working non-stop. Next year I would complete two decades of work in the corporate world. Sometimes I compare my life to a robot and wonder how am I any different. I wish I could pause, rewind, and reflect on my life.

Striking a perfect balance between work and family has never been easy for me. Perhaps, I'm a workaholic. Being in charge of multiple projects at work, I usually end up working late, at times for more than 12 hours a day. By the time my day ends, I'm dead as a doornail.

Does any of this sound too relatable? At least I have known for a long time that my daily routine requires a makeover.

In the first half of 2020, COVID‑19 ensured that work from home became the new normal. And while the pandemic is here for the long haul, it provided me a chance to relook at priorities and stop procrastinating. 

Long conversations with my better half, watching TV together, playing with my kids, listening to music, reading a book from my favorite author, celebrating lil milestones like birthdays and anniversaries together. It is not often you receive a new lease of life, a second chance to rebuild your life!

And while the pandemic made everyone realize the unpredictability of life, it helped me immensely to connect with family and friends, my inner circle. I could finally participate in homemade celebrations. I don't remember the last time I was at home for this long, socializing like I'm doing right now. 

The small changes I am starting to make are already reaping benefits. I've never been this happy. On big days, not only am I available, but I'm also pulling out all the stops, guaranteed to throw some surprises. When my wife turned 40 recently, I baked a delicious, home-cooked Honey-Spiced Peach Upside-Down Cake for her using Dhampure Mineral Brown Sugar (see the recipe here).

Simple things in life are abundant, always there, surrounding us, offering their subtle magic; however, it's not every day we stop to look at them and remember that they exist. Breathe, love, be happy, enjoy the simple things in life. Keep it simple.

There's a lot to be thankful for in life. And to see your loved ones around is, in my opinion, the biggest blessing of them all.


  1. that's a lovely post .. I feel you.. the rat race took over us that these small happiness were overlooked and we get a chance to live it all over again

  2. Manisha - This lockdown I have mastered a few recipes too, I am glad I was able to learn something new

  3. Wow this is super awesome that pandemic has given you opportunity to spend more time with your family. Will check recipe for sure. Sounds interesting to me.

  4. Pandemic has affected our day to day life. Balancing the family and work is a very hectic task. Definitely checkout the recipe soon.

  5. Pandemic has taught us a great lesson to give importance to the things that matters the most, health and family. I completely resonate your thoughts in the post.

  6. Absolutely Rahul, I have spoken to cousins who were long lost and this pandemic has given a chance to reconnect with them

  7. There's a lot to be thankful for in life- Yes true that. I am always grateful to God that even in pandemic tough time, we remain healthy & no financial trouble much.

  8. It has indeed been a time for us all to appreciate the small things and go back to simpler times! Enjoyed reading your post!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  9. This blog is so relatable in this arduous year of 2020. Almost every other individual had a catch - 22 situation in this pandemic. Thanks for sharing your part in this blog

  10. Pandemic is worse but it has brought is near to our dear ones. Our life has slowed down and we are giving more more importance to our existence

  11. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. This pandemic has brought a great deal of change to our lives. We learned what is truly important in life: family friends and health. Thanks for sharing this blog Rahul. Will definitely going to check out this recipe too.

  12. thats right dear. these current times have made us realized so many things. i have myself started preparing lots of sweetdish. i will surely try this.


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