Benefits of Gur - A New Age Superfood

Since time immemorial, we have been consuming Gur, yet we have never tried to realize fully the immense benefits it offers. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, Gur is hailed for boosting immunity, controlling temperature, and keeping our bodies warm during winter.

Have you ever wondered why Gur is best consumed during the winter and not just any other season? For starters, it's the only time of the year when the production of 'fresh' jaggery is at an all-time high. Gur produces heat in our body, which acts as a natural defense against cold and flu. Not only that, it is known for preventing constipation, detoxing the liver, cleansing the body, and as an effective natural treatment for menstrual problems, especially during cramps.

Gur, a natural sweetener, is unrefined sugar extracted from raw, concentrated sugarcane juice, which is boiled and solidified. Other sources of Gur include date palm and the sap of a coconut.

In this blog post, I will share why Gur is your new age superfood.

Beyond The Taste

Look past the sweetness to realize a host of health benefits associated with Gur. For one, Gur is a source of calcium and phosphorus. Calcium regulates the heart and blood sugar, whereas phosphorus strengthens the bones and teeth.

Excellent Immunity Booster

Did you know that Gur contains iron and folate in good measure? Gur is the richest source of iron that purifies and enriches the blood, boosts immunity, and prevents anemia. It also contains other antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and selenium, which boosts resistance against infections and helps increase the total count of hemoglobin in our blood. 

Gur Cubes from Dhampure

Gur is particularly beneficial for pregnant women since it ensures that the normal Red Blood Cells count is maintained, providing instant energy to the body.

Relief from Constipation

The next time you feel constipated, try consuming Gur. Not only does it activate the digestive enzymes, but it also acts as a diuretic to stimulate the bowel movements in your body, providing instant relief from constipation. A key to your overall health, the regular use of Gur can kickstart digestion and prevent constipation.

Liver Detox

Want to detox your liver? As a natural body cleanser, Gur reduces the workload of the liver. By cleansing the liver and flushing out harmful toxins from your body, Gur can do wonders for your liver. 


Gur is perhaps the best blood purifier there is. Clean blood is synonymous with a healthier body, free from any disease.

Treat Flu

Down with flu-like symptoms? Not to worry, sir! Grab a glass of lukewarm water to drink and add Gur cubes to it. If you are a tea lover, replace sugar with Gur to reap the health benefits.

Combat Air Pollution Naturally

Gur is rich in antioxidants that minimize the harmful effects of toxic air. One piece of Gur can clear respiratory congestion and is enough to keep your respiratory system healthy.

Get into the celebratory spirits this festive season with home-made Gur from Dhampure. Celebrate with a dab of goodness, a dash of love, and a whole lot of Gur sweetness coupled with safety and hygiene.

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  1. Even my father in law always keep lots of gur and eat after food. Even my mom tell benefit about it.

  2. Yes gur is defenately a healthier option than sugar. I didn't know that it work good for treating constipation too. Thanks for sharing this important information. Will keep all these benefits in mind.

  3. Didn’t knew about this snack Gur . I am definitely keeping this when I am travelling in cold countries. Amazing work Rahul .

  4. Oh that's great to know that jaggery has so many benefits. We put it in many foods but I've yet to develop the taste for it in my oatmeal.

  5. Am having gur on alternate days in breakfast.
    Already knew it’s benefits, but your post gave more insights on it.

  6. As always your posts are eye opening to so many different aspects. I never knew all this and I love gur. Will show my mum

  7. Me and my family have been eating gur since childhood and it's our favorite alternative for sugar cubes. Thanks for the profound information. Sometimes I have constipation issue, now I know the desi jugaad for it. Thank a lot!

  8. Gur is part of indian cuisine which makes them all the more delicious and healthy. I personally love having gur and munching it is a great delight.

  9. We being Gujarati have special place for gur in our Thali. We tend not to forget to include gur in our daily diet. This home made good seems authentic.

  10. you are right. Gur is indeed superfood. i love having it n using it as alternate to sugar

  11. Indeed! Jaggery has many health benefits. Consuming jaggery helps in improving digestion. It also helps in treating and preventing many skin problems. Thanks Rahul for sharing this informative blog.

  12. Gur is indeed one of secret super ingredients that generations of family members have sworn by. It has pride of place in my home too! Thoroughly appreciate your comprehensive post.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  13. Jagger is a very good source of nutrients. I give a small lump of it to my son often and we also enjoy it with Bhakri....

  14. It comes right in time for gur and til seaSon. So happy to read it.will share with my husband and make him eat all the delicacies of this season guiltfree

  15. Gud is definitely so good. It's such a healthier alternative to white sugar and makes a random sweet treat too.

  16. Gur is a superfood indeed. The fact that it is prepared in iron vessels makes it a good source of iron too. We love having Dhampur gur after meals.

  17. Yes Gur has amazing benefits and i always prefer eating it after my meals for digestion .You shared so many benefits .Thanks for this

  18. Very well put together, I didn't know Gur has so many benefits. thanks for sharing.


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