The All-new Winter Menu at Guppy is Super Lit

In this blog post, I cover the all-new winter menu at Guppy, the oldest and the most reliable contemporary Japanese bar and kitchen in Delhi serving authentic, healthy Japanese food.

What's the first outlet that comes to your mind when you think of Sushi, Sashimi, or Ramen? If you answered Guppy, chances are that your guess is as good as mine!


Up until a few years ago, many believed that Japanese cuisine was all about raw seafood. Guppy broke this stereotype by introducing a range of delicious vegetarian food with an emphasis on freshness and quality ingredients.

By focusing on veggie delights like the rock corn tempura or the chili lime dressed agedashi tofu, Guppy has very well understood the pulse of its customers! The restaurant is hailed for a series of popular vegetarian dishes like the snow peas, beans, and wood ear mushroom salad in walnut dressing, the Gluten-free mushroom and asparagus gyoza, and the Karashi vegetable casserole.

Personally, each time I have visited Guppy, there has been some element of surprise waiting to be unveiled ... and for that reason alone, I keep coming back for more!


Presenting authentic Japanese cuisine in ways you'll find intriguing and exciting, Guppy's menu has potential winners like the udon noodle soup, the slow-braised pork belly, and the signature miso black cod.

Miso black cod

The brainchild of famous restaurateur AD Singh, Guppy has been developed in collaboration with JRG Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., a company that has been in the restaurant business since the '50s.

AD Singh and Chef Vikram Khatri

At the helm of affairs in Guppy's kitchen is the award-winning chef Vikram Khatri, whose culinary skills are fiercely devoted to freshness, hygiene, and technique.

Chef Vikram Khatri

His offerings at Guppy are solely inspired by Japan, with bold striking flavors and emphasis on making most dishes from scratch.

Chicken Soup

Shabu Shabu

Grilled sweet potato and teriyaki

Wish to taste the spicy, the tangy, and the exotic all in one bite? Ask Vikram to pamper you with the all-new winter menu he has curated for Guppy. Vikram's style embodies four essential elements of cooking - harmony, tradition, wisdom, and balance.

Here are my top recommendations from the all-new winter menu.

Bacon and Cream Cheese Sushi Roll
Once again assuring that #GuppyDidItFirst, this delicious roll is made with parma ham, black rice, bacon, cream cheese, olive, and truffle drizzle.

Bacon and Cream Cheese Sushi Roll

Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll
This crunchy roll is made with fresh soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, spicy bonito mayo, and tanuki.

'Mushi Dori' Steamed Chicken
If you're looking for a classic Japanese chicken starter, this one fits the bill perfectly! Served with miso butter hollandaise sauce.

'Mushi Dori' Steamed Chicken

Nabe Hotpot
For the uninitiated, Nabe is a Japanese hotpot dish of fresh ingredients stewed in a delicious broth. Perfect for a cozy winter dinner, this warm, healthy meal is considered by many a communal experience to be shared with a group of family and friends.

Kimchi and Hot Tofu Nabe
Cooked in a clay pot and served with radish ponzu and steamed rice is my favorite vegetarian nabe option, made with homemade kimchi, assorted mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, winter greens, silken tofu, and glass noodles.

Kimchi and Hot Tofu Nabe

Room for more? Try the hotseller Kadaknath Black Chicken Nabe, made with good-tasting greyish black meat indigenous to the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Pair your food with a couple of amazing winter cocktails like the Ginnie San (a gin-based cocktail infused with cranberry juice, green apple, and sour mix) and Vodka Bloom (a vodka-based cocktail infused with fresh beetroot, mint, strawberry, orange, and lime).

A mixologist in action at Guppy

Shinjuku Fizz


Osaka Sour

Lemon Ninja

Samurai Slush

Spread over 2,200 square feet in the carpet area, Guppy comes alive like a playful wonderland in a modern setting. I've never seen such a stunning play of colors in any other Japanese restaurant in Delhi NCR.

Kudos are in store for noted designer Anshu Arora who has carefully designed every element with original custom fabrication by artists and vendors. If God is in the detail, then every piece put together by Anshu needs to be applauded, be it the ceramic rose knobs or custom-made tiles for the pillars. The use of Origami and metal to make lights was very clever I felt!

Most iconography at Guppy is anime-inspired, reflecting onto the fabric, sculptures, murals, and lights. A Manga artist was hired to work on the column figures, murals, and window art. From solar-fired heart shaped tiles to lighting and fixtures, everything was custom-made and designed for Guppy.

The restaurant has two distinct dining areas, a bar, and a courtyard. When you enter the big dining area, don't forget to check out the live sushi counter. Other significant attractions are the two specially sculpted metal lionfish lights, Japanese kokeshi dolls, vintage cameras, old tiffin boxes, and many more Japanese memorabilia scouted from antique shops.

Japanese anime characters

Two specially sculpted metal lionfish lights

The beautiful courtyard has an anime-inspired sculpture, smaller tree lightboxes, a huge mural, candle lighting, and casual seating centered around a tall Frangipani tree reaching for the skies.

Guppy's courtyard in night

Guppy's courtyard in day

Guppy is a comfortable, playful wonderland where every Japanese dish is a revelation. Come, experience it for yourself!

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  1. Wow those dishes look delicious. Especially want to try the ramen and the unique sushi roll. Awesome photography too!

    1. Thank you. Guppy is known for authentic Japanese fare. Hope you'll pay a visit soon 😊

  2. First of all, the fact that they serve vegetarian Japanese food is awesome! I am a vegetarian and it's hard to find vegetarian east Asian food... I gotta visit!

  3. Interior of the place and the presentation of mocktails just won my heart. I have never had japanese food due to lesser veg options though.

    1. Now you know where you should be heading for vegetarian options in Japanese cuisine 😊

  4. Guppy is an all time favourites for me. It is always in the top options to visit for meal out with friends or family. I have visited the place like 100s of time till date. They got by far the best sushis in town.

  5. Omgaarshhh..this is insane...i am so jealous that all these amazing restaurants are in Delhi.. but nevertheless what a blog, perfectly described the menu , ingredients and the pictures made me want to go there...


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