New Menu Launch At The Wine Company - Super Lit Is Quite An Understatement

In this blog post, I unveil the new menu launch at The Wine Company, Gurugram.

Do you know that The Wine Company in Gurugram serves the best quality new-age and vintage wines from over 11 countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Portugal, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa, and India? If you're a wine connoisseur, or even a wine lover like yours truly, a visit to The Wine Company is an absolute must!

Sanjiv and Me at The Wine Company

Me and Sanjiv - Posing with our wines at The Wine Company

Bar Area at The Wine Company

The only place of its kind hailed for its superb Wine Library, The Wine Company is now bringing about a paradigm shift in our understanding of gastronomy through constant reinvention.

House Popped Corn with Bacon Bits 

From MasterChef Sarah Todd's culinary vision to the ever-evolving Chef Mrigank's latest take on the new menu, The Wine Company offers a wholesome, globe-spanning menu taking inspiration from various specialties blended into scrumptious meals.

BBQ Pork Ribs - Served with Corn Bread, Grilled Pineapple, Sauerkraut

Mrigank's new menu is characterized by innovation and is bound to leave you satiated and gratified. The menu is a celebration of indigenous ingredients, world cuisines, and a tapas-style of service.

Soft Taco - Braised Pork Belly, Gari, Stir-fried Vegetables

Every bottle of wine has a slew of dishes to choose from. The inspiration is the vast selection of perfectly aged wines but also the unique ingredients that aren't usual. Now you can embark on a culinary discovery along with hearty dishes.

Parisienne 'No Potato' Gnocchi - Pate De Choux , Seasonal Vegetables

The Wine Company aims to introduce fresh, new flavors that complement every season. Each dish at The Wine Company is meticulously crafted and plated beautifully to be fun and easygoing.

All Things Chopped Salad - Chicken, Vegetables, Greens, Pomello, Tofu, Thai Peanut Dressing

Begin your gastronomical experience here with the light, wholesome, and delicious Chicken Liver Pate with Pink Peppercorn Bruschettas, followed by the Fried Fish Soft Tacos, succulent and soft on the inside, with a layer of crispy batter on the outside ... you just can't go wrong with this dish!

One of the highlights of the new menu is the signature Karari Roti, which is followed by a sumptuous Cheese Board that contains four cheeses (Truffle Green Cheese, Robiola, Gruyère Cheese (Swiss cheese), and Zarai), pickled olives, peach and orange jam, podi nuts, sour fruits (Carambola or star fruit), and sourdough. The best part is that all the artisanal cheeses are sourced from homegrown vendors like Darima Farms and The Spotted Cow Fromagerie.

Cheese Board

For seafood lovers, there's the Twice Baked Crab Souffle, perfectly baked into fluffy goodness. Or better still, go for the Gambas a la Plancha ... Flambe Prawns with smashed garlic, caper olives, and lemon butter.

Feel like going down the path less taken? Try the Spiciest North East Pizza, experimental yet high on flavor ... Don't forget to ask for the hottest of hot sauces, only available on request.

Open-faced Jackfruit Tacos with Jalapeno Cheese

The best part about the new menu is its wide selection of equally tantalizing vegetarian options. From unconventional open-faced Jackfruit Tacos with Jalapeno Cheese to classic amped up Tater Tots, the alternatives for vegetarians are aplenty. If you're a sucker for coastal cuisine, order the Kerala Veg Casserole - made of Couscous, Coconut Milk, and South Indian Tempering.

Kerala Veg Casserole - Couscous, Coconut Milk, South Indian Tempering

Barley and Quinoa Salad sets the tone for a refreshing meal as you slowly progress to an avant-garde genre of cheese fondue made with locally sourced Churpi Cheese and Pecorino.

Cheese Fondue made with locally sourced Churpi Cheese and Pecorino

Room for more? Try the quirky sliders, available in two variants - Prawn Recheado with Kokum Mayo (my favorite) and Mutton Shami.

Prawn Recheado with Kokum Mayo and Mutton Shami

The best way to end the meal is through a serving of the Boozy Brownie Trifle and Raspberry Chocolate ... or even better, a well-paired French wine like the Chateau Palmer which has a whopping 15-year-old vintage!

The Wine Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. That's amazing place I can't wait to visit. You captures some amazing food pictures. I am feeling hungry now.

    1. You should definitely check out the new menu at The Wine Company. It's wonderful to say the least!

  2. I'm not a wine person but looks like a great place for hubby to visit. Especially because of the fact that he makes wines that many love.

    1. Your hubby makes wine? Wow, I must interview him sometime 😊

  3. Ooh this post has made my mouth water! I can't wait to visit the Wine Company and try some of these quirky offerings!
    Noor Anand Chawla

    1. That would be awesome, Noor. Do visit them soon 😊

  4. The place looks great and the food presentation is beautiful. Shall go on hubby's birthday 😊

    1. I hope your hubby's birthday is round the corner πŸ˜‰

  5. I am not a wine person, but loved the offcourse there is something I can absolutely visit the place for, The food. The place looks absolutely fantastic.

    1. Yes, the place is super lit and you'll absolutely love the food and wines there.


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