A Day At Local Global

In this blog post, I cover Local Global, a new progressive multi-cuisine restaurant in Humayunpur, Delhi.

Last week I was in for a very pleasant surprise. One of my former journalist friends was turning into a restaurateur and I couldn't be more happy for her. I have known my Assamese friend Pritisha Borthakur for some time now and to see her transform into an entrepreneur is extremely reassuring. Pritisha was recently recognized as Young Woman Achiever of the Year at Asia's Emerging Brands 2019 Awards in Mumbai.

Pritisha Borthakur

Her maiden venture, Local Global, aims to be a haven for food enthusiasts and lovers alike, with young chefs Rahul Kholia and Sajal Kumar, at the helm of affairs in the kitchen.

As I braced myself for a memorable dining experience at Local Global, it dawned on me that it was my first visit to Humayunpur as well. For the uninitiated, Humayunpur is slowly becoming a popular hangout for the connoisseurs of North Eastern food and is already garnering a reputation for its renowned cafes like the Agape Cafe & Lounge, Kori's Cafe & Restro, Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe, etc.

I'll have to be honest though! Reaching Local Global was a bit of a challenge; Pritisha has chosen a rather unconventional neighborhood to open her first restaurant. Parking is an issue in Humayunpur, so make sure to use public transport for reaching there.

My first impression of the restaurant is 100 percent positive. Local Global is a small yet quaint cafe with an impressive menu.

The artistic and vibrant interiors boast of an intriguing graffiti wall, which caught my attention almost immediately as soon as I entered the premises. This wall provides the perfect background for a quick photo op.

Graffiti Wall at Local Global

I also loved the yellow cycle on the wall and the shades of orange and yellow available in abundance to bring in a positive and energetic spirit.

Yellow Cycle On The Wall at Local Global

The menu is a mishmash of several cuisines; this has been purposely done to introduce variety.  From regional Indian to Japanese, from Chinese to Continental, Local Global has got everything covered. The progressive cuisine will impress you right from the word go!

Crystal Dimsum Platter

My recommendation includes the Mango Shot (complimentary Amuse-bouche), Headhunter Pao Bhaji, Japanese Prawns Sushi, Crystal Dimsum Platter, Palak Patta Chaat, Chicken Biryani, Mizo Puppy Mousse, and Cotton Candy.

Mango Shot (complimentary Amuse-bouche)

Palak Patta Chaat

Crystal Dimsum Platter

Japanese Prawns Sushi

Headhunter Pao Bhaji

Chicken Biryani

Mizo Puppy Mousse

Room for more? No problem sir! Try the flavorful Pickled Veg Sushi or the delicious Beetroot Water Chestnut Dim Sum. The potato starch covering of the dim sum ensures that the food is healthy as well.

Late evenings are meant for live jamming sessions by budding as well as popular artists. Sports aficionados can enjoy live screenings while binging on some drool-worthy grubs.

Palak Patta Chaat

To make your gastronomical experience memorable, there's coffee and chai prepared with the finest leaves plucked from gardens of Assam and Darjeeling. Pair the same with quirky snacks or delish desserts, pick your favorite book from the shelf, and you're sorted for the evening!

Local Global has a lot to offer - excellent food at a giveaway price point. I can't wait to visit them again!

Local Global Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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