Hard Rock Cafe Brings To You All-American Classics With A Twist Throughout March

In this blog post, I write about the new 'All-American Classics With A Twist' menu available throughout March at the Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon.

Do you love all things classic? If your answer is in the affirmative, head straight to a Hard Rock Cafe near you! Throughout March you can enjoy the new 'All-American Classics With A Twist' menu, introduced to celebrate with a dash of contrast.

Think of sliders, steaks, mac & cheese and more, with a lil spicy twist to crank up the flavors ... the new menu was launched from February 6, 2019, and will be available till the end of March!

I tried the eclectic new menu yesterday at their CyberHub Gurgaon outlet and was totally blown away, to say the least!

Here's what you can expect in the new 'All-American Classics With A Twist' menu.


Sparkling Mojito Royale (INR 485)
Your eternal favorite white rum cocktail takes a refreshing route with a guava twist, topped with a bubble prosecco float.

Tropical Margarita (INR 750)
In true tropical style, here comes a wonderful spin on your classic Margarita. Made from the orange liqueur, fresh flavors of guava, pineapple and lime juice that come together with house-infused strawberry tequila in this exciting mix.

And while you're at it, try the refreshing Peach Paddy O'Pounder (a 'whiskey base' drink with fresh brewed iced tea and flavors of bright white peach and fresh lemon and mint) or Passion Fruit Punch (the only mocktail on the new menu which offers a refreshing blend of orange juice, passion fruit and ginger ale).


Honey Sriracha Wings (INR 445)
Just when you expect the classic Rockin' Wings that are slow-roasted to perfection, here comes your smoked chicken wings tossed with a dash of homemade honey and sweet chili with Sriracha, topped with white sesame seeds and green onions with a side of ranch dressing!

Expectations: Smoky, Seasoned, Slow-roasted
Reality: Juicy, Cheesy, Tangy

Buffalo-Style Sliders (INR 495)
Dig into three burger sliders on a toasted bun with crispy onion rings and Classic Rock wing sauce. That's not all! Discover a blue-cheesy twist to the smoky and saucy flavors or a choice of the quirky ranch dressing.

Spicy Mac & Cheese (INR 695)
Discover an all-new side to the popular mac n' cheese! The new Cavatappi pasta comes with spicy Sriracha sauce, diced red pepper, parsley butter breadcrumbs and your choice of grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, or a combination of both!

Blackened Chicken Sandwich (INR 549)
It's not your usual sandwich that you'll find elsewhere ... experience grilled chicken seasoned with a blackening spice blend, served between toasted buns with lettuce and red remoulade, and topped with tropical mango salsa. Accompanied by grilled lime, crispy fries and a side of ranch dressing.

There are other beauties waiting to be discovered such as the Grilled Tenderloin Steak, Tango Salsa Cottage Cheese Slider, South of the Border Cottage Cheese, and Chipotle Chicken Steak.


Once you have satiated your craving for sumptuous food and exquisitely crafted ambiance, create your own niche and let your true self shine with the rockin' collection of Hard Rock merchandise! I absolutely loved the classic and new styles available at their #RockShop!

So there, are you ready for indulgence in the all-time favorites with a spiced up twist? Throughout the month of March, it's gonna be one helluva twisted tale!

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