Promoting E-governance through Technology for a Truly Digital India

How can we perhaps try to understand India, a land of several paradoxes? A country where technology reigns supreme but so does illiteracy and poverty. We produce the world's second largest pool of scientists and engineers, yet 40% of our population doesn't even know how to read or write.

And don't get me started on the crime and corruption that rears its ugly head as a result. 80% of our people live on less than USD 2 per day. That in my honest opinion is not living but merely surviving.

Nothing could be far from truth, and these paradoxes draw a painfully real picture of our society.

Need of the Hour – Digital Skills for India


What India needs now is digital empowerment. A digitized India will create opportunities for everyone, especially the youth who are closer to technology.

Intel knows this and has partnered with Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) to support our government's vision of a truly Digital India. By the end of this year, the US chipmaker will provide five million Indians the necessary skills to compete in new age economy via its 'Digital Skills for India' program.

Collaborating with BBNL will help the company in building capacity. Under this program, the key resources in first 1000 panchayats in India will become recipients of digital literacy training through the National Optic Fiber Network (NOFN).

Digital Skills Training App

While imparting training will surely help the country inch closer towards its digital literacy dream, Intel also realizes the importance of financial inclusion, healthcare, and cleanliness - problems that continue to plague the modern India.

Intel has plans to launch a Digital Skills Training app in five Indian languages to address these problems. The free to download Android app will be further complimented by a similar offline training module in seven Indian languages.

Here's one company that not only believes in skill development and innovation but also aligns well with the Digital India vision, working hand in hand with our government to bring the citizens of India on fast lane.

Innovate for India Challenge

Intel is also coming up with a unique initiative called 'Innovate for India Challenge' to drive innovation across platforms that will foster solutions relevant for brand India.

As India enters into its next phase of growth, the role of industry will become of equal importance as the government's. The Digital India vision is definitely the right way to go for our nation.

Let the entire world know that India is much more than the sum of its contradictions.



  1. Too informative Rahul... Commendable initiative by Intel... This will intend to bring in the transformation that is the need of the hour for India, thereby empowering especially the youth with optimum career opportunities!


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