Tempted by Tandoor - Temptation Has a New Address in Gurugram

In this blog post, I cover Tempted by Tandoor, a new delivery-only food service in Gurugram that aims to bring at your doorstep carefully curated traditional Indian delicacies from the streets of Old Delhi.

The local food of Old Delhi is unique, vibrant, and steeped in culture. What if I told you the same legendary food can be ordered right from the comfort of your home and delivered with care at your doorstep! Well, temptation has a new address in the form of Tempted by Tandoor ... and the people of G-Town couldn’t be happier.

 Tempted by Tandoor

Tempted by Tandoor offers mouthwatering delicacies from the streets of Old Delhi, reminding you of specialties brought originally from Persia and Afghanistan by the Mughals in the 16th century. From mutton slow-cooked overnight in large terracotta pots to minced chicken marinated in spices and baked in tandoor ovens, Tempted by Tandoor provides every reason to celebrate the most famous food from a bygone era.

Murgh Rarrah

But wait, if you are already dreaming about a whirl of euphoric food options like the melt-in-your-mouth kebabs, let me tell you that the outlet also adds a twist to the tale. How? By including a host of Desi Chinese and age-old mom-inspired fusion recipes on its menu.

Murgh Sugarcane

Owned and run by the dynamic duo of Manik Ahuja and Raghav Misra, who also happen to be friends, Tempted by Tandoor keeps its promise of providing exceptional culinary experience by delivering flavorful traditional Indian dishes to your home or workplace.

Nadru Ki Chokori

The menu at Tempted by Tandoor has been curated after in-depth research about the Mughal-inspired cuisine, reflecting the soul of Old Delhi food. 

Banarasi Paneer Tikka

For starters, try the Marchwangan Paneer, Nadru Ki Chokori, Murgh Masakkali, and Amritsari Mutton Burrah. My recommendation from the Kebab section includes Kebabs Murgh Gilafi Kebab, Kebab ‘e’ Babar, and Kashmiri Mutton Seekh.

The Real Tandoori

If you are in the mood for delectable Desi Chinese dishes, you will enjoy the Shanghai Chicken Manchurian, Thukpa, and Basil Lemon Chicken.

For mains, go for the Tawa Murgh Tikka, Paneer Anarkali, Dal Makhan Wali, Mutton Rogan Josh, Mutton Korma, and Special Nihari. All the curries I savored were distinct and aromatic, and you could observe the extensive use of spices.

Paneer Anarkali

End your experience with desserts like Rose Kheer, Fried Halva Rolls, and Gajar Ka Halwa, each offering a delicious blend of rich decadence.

With the use of local seasonal produce and ingredients and a cooking style reminiscent of an illustrious era, Tempted by Tandoor makes a lasting first impression. I would not hesitate to place an order again.

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  1. I really like the name of this venture, "Tempted By Tandoor," It sure seems to offer really tempting Non-vegetarian fare. The desserts too seem to be really tempting and a nice finale to a meal.

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