Italiano Goes Global Launches Its New Party Menu for G-Towners

In this blog post, I cover the new party menu from Italiano Goes Global, Cyber Hub, Gurugram, the best Italian casual dining restaurant in Delhi-NCR.

Italian food is not just about pizza, pasta, or spaghetti alone but an expression of love through a wide array of rich flavors, textures, and ingredients. Bold, appealing, and easy on the palate.

What comes to your mind when you think about the best Italian cuisine restaurant in Gurugram? Not many would argue that Italiano Goes Global in Cyber Hub Gurugram is the preferred destination for authentic Italian food.

The new Vegan Pizza (Primavera Piccante)

The brainchild of Sanjiv Puri, Managing Director at Himanshu Resorts Pvt. Ltd., Italiano was established in 2001 as a fast-growing chain of restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine.

The restaurant has recently launched its new party menu called Out of the Box, which includes a host of authentic Italian food options delivered to your doorstep.

Baked Phyllo Pie

I ordered the Fiesta Box, priced at INR 5,500 only. The food was good for six to eight people. I was given the option to choose two appetizers, two dishes from the main course, and one dessert.

Spaghetti Arrabiata

My box included treats like Phyllo Pastry, Mexican Bowl, Spaghetti Arrabiata, a newly introduced vegan pizza, and Tiramisu. You may even go for the Grand Fiesta Box, priced at INR 9,500 only. This box can serve ten to twelve people.

Nachos with Lettuce Rocket Leaves and Assorted Dips

While placing your order, you can inform the restaurant of any special instructions or any food allergies that they should be aware of. Your order needs to be placed at least 12-24 hours before your delivery.

The restaurant also provides other services like:

  • Call a bartender at home @ INR 3,000 only.
  • Call a butler at home for food and drinks service @ INR 2,000 only.
  • Set up a live pasta counter at home for a group of 10-12 people @ INR 12,000 only. You will need to provide a table and electrical connection for the live counter.
  • Prepare pizza on-site for a group of 10-12 people @ INR 12,000 only.

Currently delivering across Gurgaon only, you can contact +91-9910327486 or +91-9810078065 to make the booking. You can even order from their website.

Mexican Chicken Strips

Italiano Goes Global shares and celebrates your love for Italian cuisine by preparing dishes with authentic flavors and ingredients, giving you a real taste of Italy.

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  1. This is one of the first places we visited as food bloggers. It was a great experience. Maybe it is time for a revisit!

  2. i am sure the restaurant's new party menu - Out of the Box would be a hit. LOOK at the variety they offer. Gonna order soon

  3. It is surely a good news for the Gurugram people to have Italino menu dishes at home. I have been to the Cyber hub place and found the dishes super tasty.

  4. Authentic Italian food home-delivered at such a reasonable price is a treat! Liked the options of calling a butler/bartender home. Perfect for home parties!

  5. The Italiano restaurant seems to be a haven for those seeking authentic Italian flavours and textures. The new Vegan Pizza (Primavera Piccante), looks especially inviting. Sandy N Vyjay.

  6. I had not tried Italian cuisine much and did not know the varieties it offers. Italiano Goes Global sounds like a great option to enjoy these delicacies. thanks for introducing us to another wonderful dine out place.

  7. What a coincidence, my friend from Gurgram was talking about this day before. It is certainly welcome news for Gurugram residents to have Italiano menu dishes at home.

  8. I want to have that Vegan pizza & other items are tempting too.

    It’s a great thing for Gurugram folks to enjoy the Italian delicacies.
    Also so many attractive home part services. Amazing!

  9. Gurugram seems to have quite a cool places to hangout. Italiano goes global seems to be must try eatery in the city. And it's new menu is tempting.

  10. That first picture of cheese pull...I am drooling! The food looks so yummy! I love having Mexican strips. Cyber Hub has all the hotspots!

  11. I absolutely love Italian food. Baked Phyllo Pie is my favorite too. Great that now I know that there's an authentic Italian restaurant here. Will visit next weekend.

  12. Wow. The party menu definitely seems to be handy when we throw one. Great for large groups as well and the options to call. In butler and live counter is interesting

  13. I am a fan of Italian cuisine specially a well made pasta, pizza and gnocchi. The food looks fab and the "out of the box" concept is also good.

  14. This place has some delectable preparations to try for. Loved how they have conceptualized boxes. It will be suitable for a mini party of 10-12 people.

  15. Italian cuisine is been liked by many and getting authentic delicious treats at your doorstep is great news for many. I really liked the way they have curated their food boxes.

  16. My kid is a huge fan of this cuisine, and tis seems to be just an exciting place as it could be for hanging out with friends and family. Great way to feature an outlet on the blog.

  17. I really liked the way Italiano Goes Global has adapted to the pandemic situation where people prefer to eat food at home and not dine-in in a restaurant. The food especially the pizzas look amazing and authentic.

  18. I always missed a good Italian restaurant and my little one and me loves Italian. I have visited this place and it's was fab


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