The Importance of Whiteboard Markers in a Pandemic

Earlier this year, I returned to a full-time corporate job. There were several reasons for the switch. While I enjoyed being a freelancer, one particular aspect I did not like was how low the payments were overall. Many leading brands and agencies still insist on barters, never fully realizing the value of the work we do as influencers or writers. For me, returning to a corporate setup seemed logical in many ways.

I also missed the several perks that came along with corporate life; meeting people, for example. Being surrounded by smart colleagues, solving technology challenges together for clients. Having a paycheque towards the end of the month is also a high like no other!

Accepting the job offer in the 'new normal' came with its set of challenges. I have never managed multiple projects remotely, and with it, a large virtual team of software developers, testers, business analysts, and UX designers. So this was a first!   

I now work the 'odd' shift daily, from 1 P.M. to 10 P.M. Monday to Friday. Usually, my day starts early and ends late but being a workaholic, I can't complain much. I'd rather have more on my plate than nothing at all!

Managing a team of IT professionals remotely also means introducing a sense of accountability and discipline. Having daily scrum meetings, estimating work, and then making sure that the team is following the plan religiously, that's part of my role and responsibilities. Mildly putting though, most of the time, I am jumping from one call to another. Since I manage not one, not two, not three, but four projects in all, I need to keep track of what's going on in all projects, each unique from the other, every day.

In the absence of an office environment, keeping everyone in my team aligned and motivated towards the business goals and objectives was never going to be an easy task. So I had to think of a creative way to replicate the work environment at home.

There are a plethora of office essentials that you can purchase and use at home; a whiteboard and marker topped my list, at least during the pandemic. Since most of my work revolves around solving engineering problems and managing remote teams, I can't emphasize the importance of a whiteboard and marker.

Sometimes I need to discuss a new algorithm with my team. I would scribble on the whiteboard and position my laptop camera during a Zoom call, such that everyone could see the whiteboard easily and suggest further changes to the logic. For markers, I only trust products from Luxor. The Luxor 1223 Refillable White Board Marker, in particular, adds that extra punch to my thoughts with its bright ink and unique acrylic 'bullet' tip for long life. I can even use this marker on glass and not worry about any marks after erasing; the ink is easily erasable (Thank God for that!).

Like me, even you can successfully replicate an office like environment at home without having to invest a bomb. You'll be surprised how effective using a whiteboard and marker can be during a pandemic. 

[Want to make work from home more fun? Make the most of your virtual meetings by getting the new Luxor 1223 Refillable White Board Marker.]

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  1. Good read! :) Kudos to your management skills Rahul!

  2. Ohh we are already using this brand at our home and having a good experience with it. I agree work from home is challenging and being equipped with essential also help a lot.

  3. I also use the same marker to teach my kids specilly my son on white board. They r really nice.

  4. Whiteboard markers and whiteboards are generally regarded as being more convenient. White color is perceived as the color of cleanliness and purity. Whiteboard Markers are very important writing tools. And we are using the same brand which you mentioned above. :)

  5. Agree , the effort of freelancers is often ignored. Replicating office environment at home can be done through few stuff and marker board is one of them. My kids also use it often.

  6. wow, I need some tips Rahul ji how to get back to working full time in corporate set up. The freedom my blog has given is amazing but as you rightly pointed payments are a huge pain. Please share your tip how we can get back to work after 3 years gap

  7. Oh yes this is indeed a good market for real writing. Though there is whiteboard on the mobile too. My hubby uses it.

  8. Honestly, I had not thought about this but you are so right! As I homeschool my son, these whiteboard markers have become essential items. I have to keep replenishing them!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  9. Being a business analyst, I am big on stationary especially the whiteboard and the whiteboard markers. It has been difficult during pandemic but as you said trying so hard to use them while workshopping. And I do feel they are one of the important things to have.

  10. What an unique and interesting post Rahul. I completely agree with you that while one is working from home, it is indeed necessary to be equipped with the right tools. White board and marker is definitely handy and useful when there is a lot of calculating, planning and presenting work.

    I really have to check Luxor Brand, as I have been using the competitive brand for a long time.


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