A Day at The Pasta Bowl Company

In this blog post, I cover The Pasta Bowl Company, one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in Gurugram.

If an old adage still holds, the culture of a country is truly reflected through the diversity of its cuisines. Who'd know this better than the Italians!

Italian Ravioli Pasta

Italian food is unarguably the most popular and well-known cuisine in not just Europe but the entire world. Italy introduced us to the world of pizza, pasta, ragu, lasagne, risotto, spaghetti, arancini, and tortellini, among others, characterized by a rare simplicity and freshness, relying heavily on quality, method, and indigenous ingredients that influence other palettes across the globe.

Italian Pasta

Authenticity lies at the very core of traditional Italian cooking, with significance on preserving original recipes that were passed down from generations.

Different Varieties of Italian Pasta

Italian dishes are often defined by regional influences. Bolognese, for example, comes from Bologna. It is the diversity by region - mostly between the north and the south - that makes the Italian cuisine so incredibly remarkable.

Cherry Tomatoes from Pachino (Secilia, Italy)

While remaining firmly anchored in its Italian roots, the Sicilian kitchens are known to offer both taste and authenticity. Now experience the same Sicilian flavors in the comfort of a quaint lil award-winning restaurant in Gurugram called The Pasta Bowl Company.

The Pasta Bowl Company

Located on the second floor of the popular Cross Point Mall in DLF Phase 4, Gurugram, The Pasta Bowl Company recreates the same culinary magic by serving a true mix of Sicilian flavor and culture on your platter.

The Pasta Bowl Company

The brainchild of entrepreneur Om Nayak who is also a passionate Chef, The Pasta Bowl Company started operations in April 2018. With a strong belief in ‘eat seasonal, eat fresh, and cook with love’, the 60-seater restaurant which spans across 1,600 square feet offers a unique yet affordable selection of traditional and authentic Sicilian delicacies, prepared with top-quality ingredients sourced directly from Italy.

Saanvi at The Pasta Bowl Company

The recipes adhere to the Sicilian home-style way of cooking food, be it antipasto, hand-tossed pizzas, salads, paninis, pasta, risottos, grilled main courses, or desserts; paired with a great selection of affordable wines and beers. Don’t hesitate to opt for wine/beer pairing with the food or simply ask the sommelier for assistance.

A Glass of Merlot and Your Favorite Pasta Bowl

Here are my top recommendations at The Pasta Bowl Company.


Affetati E Formaggi - Loved this small cheese platter which includes different varieties of cheeses along with cured meats, freshly-baked slices of bread, toppings, and dips.

Insalata Di Barbabietola, Pesche E Menta - Enjoy this summer salad made with roasted beetroot, peaches, and mint; spiked with salad leaves and vinaigrette.

Insalata Di Barbabietola, Pesche E Menta

Primo Piatto

Risotto Siciliano - This dish will offer further insights into the Sicilian cuisine and culture. The Sicilian saffron risotto can be savored with an option of prawn, chicken, or vegetables.

Ravioli - How can you visit an authentic Italian restaurant and not have Ravioli! This hand-rolled dish is stuffed with spinach and ricotta, finished with garlic butter and Reggiano. I opted for tomato cream sauce with the dish.


Salmone Al Cartoccio - The best part about this dish was that the Norwegian Salmon was slow-cooked in a paper bag. Served with beans, asparagus, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and young pepper.

Pollo Ripieno Alla Griglia - Don't go anywhere without tasting this stuffed and rolled chicken breast that contains soft saffron polenta, vegetables, and homemade jus.

Pollo Ripieno Alla Griglia

Verdure Al Cartoccio - If you're a hardcore vegetarian, you will truly appreciate this dish. Mixed Italian vegetables slow-cooked in a paper bag, tossed with garlic butter and Sicilian tomato ragu.


Banana E Crema Mou Torta - End your gastronomical experience at The Pasta Bowl Company with this decadent dessert. Soft toffee filled in a salted caramel crust finished with fresh bananas.

Banana E Crema Mou Torta

Mango Panna Cotta

A meal for one at The Pasta Bowl Company would typically cost you INR 1,295 plus taxes (without wine) or INR 2,495 plus taxes (with two glasses of house Italian wines).

The Pasta Bowl Company

The menu changes every summer and winter, respectively. If you visit now, for instance, the winter menu might already be available. Look out for the Chef’s Specials for the week/weekends. Chef uses the freshest ingredients, including imported Italian Pelati (peeled tomatoes) and a wide array of cheeses.

Verdure Arrosto Pizza

Ciabatta Bread

Fusilli Bianco

Pollo Ripieno Alla Griglia

Risotto Siciliano

Vanilla Panna Cotta

The casual all-day diner is open from 11:30 A.M. to 11:30 P.M., seven days a week. With inspiration drawn from the Sicilian culture and cuisine, a visit to The Pasta Bowl Company is like experiencing the most romantic culinary extravaganza.

Experience Sicily at The Pasta Bowl Company! Buon Appetito!

The Pasta Bowl Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 
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  1. Amazing and beautiful post. I'm a huge fan of Italian food like pizza, pasta, lasagne, spaghetti. The presentation of food is so tempting and delicious. Great thoughts.

  2. Having a foodgasm after reading this post😍 The food looks amazing and desserts look yummilicious!! What is your favorite from the entire menu?

    1. Although it's hard to choose a favorite, if I had to choose one, I'd pick the Ciabatta Bread mainly because it is so unconventional and rare to find in other outlets that serve similar cuisine.

  3. We are big fan of Italian food and this place is heaven for Italian food lovers we already visited this place but in Summer, we would love to visit again and need to check out their winter menu. Thanks for sharing

    1. Their winter menu should be available by now. Let me know how it was 😊

  4. The Pasta Bowl Company indeed looks like an Italian fantasy come alive. The food presentation is awesome and the ambience seems to create an Italian aura. The desserts really blew me away.

  5. I love Italian cuisine especially pasta as I make it myself in different styles. Love your great shots and absolutely lovely review of the hotel

  6. It's like a heaven for pasta lovers like me. I would not mind trying out Hand tossed pizzas either. Thanks for the beautiful review.

  7. Being a lover of authentic Italian food, I am sure I will enjoy this place. I just wish I were in the city to visit soon.

    1. Do let me know the next time you are here, and I will treat you to authentic Italian fare πŸ˜‰

  8. Hey, I was actually thinking last weekend to check out this place. I am super glad that I came across your review. I live in G-town only and love to check out different and amazing places.

    1. So glad to know my review helped you make a decision. That's the whole point of writing blogs.

  9. the food is looking very succulent and being me being crazy for Italian cuisines, a must visit place it is...putting it on my list of to visit places for my next visit to delhi...

    1. Sure Prakhar. Happy to know that you're planning to visit the outlet on your next visit to Gurugram.

  10. Vah thanks for sharing this wonderful blog on Italian cuisine I am just drooling over this look so good fresh and yummy


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