Think Adventure? Think Dera Baghdarrah!

In this blog post, I cover Dera Baghdarrah in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Imagine how would it feel like to live inside a forest reserve with the jungle playing the host.

Last weekend I was offered an exclusive and rare opportunity to experience two nights at the Dera Baghdarrah, a rustic wildlife camp in Udaipur, hailed for its luxury, tented accommodation for guests.

Nestled inside the Baghdarrah forest reserve, which is a mere half-hour drive from the popular tourist destination of Udaipur, Rajasthan, Dera Baghdarrah was everything I'd hoped it would be!

Dera Baghdarrah

To keep things alive and ticking, the spacious canvas shikar tent I stayed in was positioned in front of a lake famed for its huge population of crocodiles.

A crocodile spotted at Dera Baghdarrah

Before you psych out, let me tell you, the wild shares its space with Dera, and sightings of an occasional leopard or panther, striped hyena, ruddy mongoose, chital, nilgai, python, or wild boar is quite common here.

A leopard spotted at Dera Baghdarrah

The natural lake at Dera is the abode to abundant aquatic bird life. If you are a bird watcher, you're in for a truly spectacular experience at Dera Baghdarrah.

Aquatic Bird Life at Dera Baghdarrah

Get introduced to the different species of birds that inhabit the area, including the white stork, double-crested cormorant, geese, teal, kingfisher, little egret, and many more. Some of these birds migrate here in winters, from as far as Siberia.

Migratory Birds at Dera Baghdarrah

The five Swiss tents at Dera are known to be the first of its kind in Udaipur. The camp takes you back to the days of the Raj with its antique colonial furniture and artifacts. What's unique is the tents are constructed in the wild heart of the Aravalli mountains, surrounded by deciduous forests susceptible to wildland fire, to provide you a real, organic feel of the jungle.

Aerial View of Dera Baghdarrah

The water-repellent, antibacterial tent measures 16 * 32 feet in area and is equipped with a king size bed with clean mattresses, quilts, and pillows. It has a three-layer wax coating with canvas lining to control temperature and transparency.

My Swiss Tent at Dera Baghdarrah

I breathed a sigh of relief to discover an 8 * 16 feet washroom inside my tent with modern fittings and fixtures from Jaquar. You can also leverage the 8 * 16 feet patio to spend a romantic evening with your loved one!

King Size Bed at Dera Baghdarrah

Antique colonial furniture and artifacts at Dera Baghdarrah

Antique colonial furniture and artifacts at Dera Baghdarrah

King Size Bed at Dera Baghdarrah

An 8 * 16 feet washroom at Dera Baghdarrah

While planning your stay at Dera Baghdarrah, there's absolutely no need to carry towels and toiletries like shaving/dental kit, comb, shampoo, or soap. Every bit of detail is taken care of by the Dera staff!

Before checking in, let the staff know about any specific requirement that you might have and they'll make sure to get things arranged for you beforehand. Tea/coffee maker, hot iron board, torch, binoculars, and umbrella are available on request.

Refreshment at Dera Baghdarrah

Security and privacy of guests are of paramount importance at Dera. You'll be briefed about the Do's and Don'ts at the time of check-in to ensure your stay is memorable and hassle-free.

Tree Walk at Dera Baghdarrah

Dera Baghdarrah is the brainchild of three young entrepreneurs from Rajasthan - Hakim Kutub (proprietor at A K Textile), Saadat Tehsin (pilot at Qatar Airways), and Shakti Singh Shekhawat (proprietor at M S Medical Devices). By a strange coincidence, Hakim and Saadat are childhood friends, having studied together since Grade V.

Hakim Kutub

Saadat Tehsin

Shakti Singh Shekhawat

From April this year, the youth-centric, couple friendly property is managed by the fantastic trio of Shubham Agarwal, Tanay Agarwal, and Aayush Singhal. I had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time with Shubham who escorted me for tree walk, zip lining, and night safari activities at Dera.

Shubham Agarwal

And talking of activities, there's a lot to choose from at Dera starting from jungle walk and bird watching in the morning to tree walk, angling, and zip lining over crocodile lake in the afternoon. All safety gears, including helmets and harnesses, are arranged by the trained Dera staff.

One of the five huts surrounding the lake at Dera Baghdarrah

My favorite adventure activities by far were the Oudi (a.k.a. Hunting Lodges) Trails, Night Safari, and Star Gazing.

Mountain Top Jeep at Dera Baghdarrah

If you do not wish to engage in any activity for whatever reason, you can rest at any of the five huts surrounding the lake or participate in the barbecue and bonfire nights organized by Dera.

Oudi (a.k.a. Hunting Lodges) at Dera Baghdarrah

One of the key highlights at Dera is the delicious, authentic Rajasthani food, courtesy Chef Kishan and Sous Chef Shambhu. The elaborate buffet spread is made from fresh produce every day, and even though no à la carte is available, you can still let the chef know in advance about any dietary preferences or restrictions.

Chef Kishan

The check-in and check-out timings at Dera are 2 P.M. and 12 noon, respectively, every day. Don't expect any cable TV or WiFi connection in your tent, as the idea is to connect with Mother Nature as much as possible. Only soft music is allowed to be played inside your tent.

Sunset View at Dera Baghdarrah

There are strict norms to be followed during the course of your stay at Dera, as mandated by the forest department. For instance, no roaming around in the jungle alone. Smoking and drinking are only allowed in designated areas, not inside your tent.

A Baby Python at Dera Baghdarrah

Since the tents are not easily accessible from the main road, pick and drop facility is provided for every guest arriving from the nearest railway station, bus depot, or airport. In the eventuality of an emergency, a doctor visit can be arranged. First aid kit is also available in every tent.

Dera Baghdarrah

So there, what are you waiting for? Escape the ordinary and plan an adventure of your lifetime. Come and experience the place where you truly belong.

Think Adventure? Think Dera Baghdarrah!


To book your stay, drop a mail at / or feel free to get in touch at +91-9983344744.

Cost of renting the Swiss tent: INR 3000 for two per night (Free for kids below 5 years of age; INR 1000 if your kid falls in the age group of 5 to 12 years)

Cost of activities/experiences:
  • Jungle Safari: INR 2500 (for two)
  • Jungle Trails: INR 700 (for two)
  • Zipline: INR 180 (for two)
  • Tree Walk: INR 180 (for two)
  • High Tea or Breakfast by the Audi: INR 1000 (for two)
Cost of renting the Swiss tent with activities/experiences: INR 7499 plus taxes per person per night


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