Loft by The Clock Tower - Progressive Microbrewery With A Unique Take On World Beers

In this blog post, I cover Loft by The Clock Tower, the lone microbrewery in the entire 32nd Avenue Gurugram which has over 30 food establishments.

I usually leave early for work and have breakfast on the way at 32nd Avenue, my favorite haunt for nearly half a year now. IMHO any new restaurant that opens up in 32nd Avenue is very likely to be 'discovered' due to its proximity to the National Highway 8 (NH 8). Not surprising then, many restaurateurs see this as a fantastic opportunity to encash at every level.

With over 30 food establishments already up and running, each trying to establish a foot in the door, Loft by The Clock Tower is a relatively new entrant albeit a strong one that has left everyone talking about ... and understandably so!

Loft is a new casual dining restaurant that opened its doors on February 7 this year. Their USP lies in being the only microbrewery in the entire 32nd Avenue. Come to think of it, they already have a winner at hand, isn't it? The restaurant is bound to attract all those who love their beers with a side of exclusivity.

The brainchild of restaurateurs Tribhuvan Yadav and Rohan Kichlu who gave us the charming gastropub The Clock Tower, Loft is a laudable effort in their pursuit of creating the ideal neighborhood pub. The idea for Loft stemmed from a lot of traveling that the duo did over the past decade.

What I truly love about Loft is they offer a wide range of global brews on tap and a carefully curated progressive menu set that complements your drinks. The gorgeous, eye-catching architecture is like the cherry on top of the cake, bringing in the Manhattan pub experience to life.

The ambiance is heavily influenced by old-fashioned, meat-packing warehouses in Manhattan and New York. And with five sections spread over 12,000 square feet and three floors, the 300-cover drinkery is all set to cater to every need and whimsy of discerning foodies.

The ambiance, true to its description, transports you to the yesteryear bars of New York. From the vibrant Mad Hatter Dance Floor (for those who love to party) to the reflective Green Terrace (for corporate wine and dines), each corner embraces a one-of-a-kind theme, creating the perfect mood for any occasion. Don't forget to check out the Portico, Library Bar, and Old Boy's Corner, each designed differently to cater to different individuals and moods.

Another noticeable element of the decor is the ceiling d├ęcor, which includes an array of hats, flung up in exultation of spirit, in turn, lending a very cool and western vibe. Throwing up hats in the air is considered a sign of happiness, celebration, joy and energy, and these hats lend energy that'll remain for years to inspire guests and patrons to keep coming back for more.

As someone who appreciates different genres of music, I couldn't take my eyes off the huge performing area resurrected for hosting some of the most prominent performers in Delhi-NCR. 10 monthly gigs are likely to take place at Loft, providing a major boost to the entertainment scene in Gurugram!

With four 'always-available' brews and one tap for 'seasonal' brews, Loft's bar menu is an absolute delight for any beer lover. The beers are true to style and reflect a very Scottish, Irish, Hungarian and South-West Russia influenced beer portfolio. All the beers brewed at Loft come with a slightly modern twist to it, for example, a classical Belgian wheat beer, which has been infused with rose petals.

Rose Wheat American Lager, Oak chips infused Vienna Lager, Custom Blend Kaapi Stout, and five spiced Saison make for a heady mixture of unconventional brews, enough to keep the experiment-savvy patrons engaged.

The menu at Loft by The Clock Tower is a multicuisine fiesta (thanks to Chef Siddharth Vasudev), with influences from across the globe craftily combined with Indian flavors and sensibilities to pander to the cosmopolitan palettes of 2019 Gurgaon.

Choose from a variety of sumptuous food offerings to pair your drink with. Some of the signature dishes at Loft include the Amritsari Baked Bread with Pindi Channa Hummus, Chicken Satay with Solapur Sing Dana Chutney, Inspired Pathar Kebab with Fermented Chili Marinade, Triple Cooked Pork, Tortilla and Edamame Chaat, Seared Fish with Burnt Butter and Sun-dried Tomatoes, Magnum Brownie, and Coffee and White Chocolate Kulfi Fudge with Ghee Pinni Crumb.

My recommendations for vegetarians include the Malabar Quesadilla, Three Pepper Tofu, Wasabi Mushrooms, and Peanut Butter Paneer Tikka. For meat lovers, delicacies like the Kadahi Lamb Burgers and Banger and Mash Crostinis are a must have.

Best described as a progressive microbrewery with a unique take on world beers, Loft is looking to redefine the city's nightlife landscape.

Loft is a place where euphoria resides in every corner. The vibe is eclectic, sure to get you groovin' and coming back for more. In the coming days, Loft will emerge as a distinctive party destination and is definitely going to be an inviting spot to grab your favorite beer while digging into most authentic comfort food you can have!


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  1. I have been to the clock tower several times, but never tried loft. It is on my must visits list, will definitely visit in the coming days.

    P.S nice pics

    1. Thanks Prakhar for appreciating the pictures. Did you know that I am a trained photographer?

      BTW glad to hear about your upcoming visit to Loft.

  2. Wow this place looks great to hangout with family & friends & the food looks delicious

    1. Yes, food is definitely one of the highlights at Loft. So when are you planning to visit them?

  3. I am yet to explore 32nd Avenue completely. This microbrewery looks perfect to hangout for a party animal like me. Thanks for sharing the delicious pictures.

    1. Thanks Purnima for the appreciation. If you're a party animal, just like you said, then Loft is the right place for you.

  4. This is such a fine place! Although I don't drink beer but microbreweries always fascinate me!

    1. Don't drink beer? No problem. I'm sure you'll enjoy the delicious food at Loft.


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