Vapour Bar Exchange - Changing Your Definition Of A Quintessential Bar

In this blog post, I cover the Vapour Bar Exchange, a new casual dining restaurant on Sohna Road Gurgaon.

The concept of bar exchange is not new per se but only a handful of restro-bars in Delhi-NCR have managed to really hit it off with guests!

Inspired by the concept of a bustling stock exchange, the Vapour Bar Exchange has earned the reputation of becoming one of the most exciting and popular hangouts in Gurgaon. I visited their new Sohna Road outlet last week to check out what the buzz was all about!

Vapour has come a long way since its inception nearly a decade ago. Hailed as the most affordable restro-bar chain with outlets in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Bangalore, Vapour aims to become the biggest bar exchange standard in the country.

The brainchild of successful restaurateur Vikram Rana, Vapour is the culmination of his unbridled passion to innovate and succeed.

Vapour boasts of an in-house brewery, feeding your obsession for freshly brewed beers, and in the process, changing your definition of a quintessential bar. The drinks' prices here change based on real-time demand and supply; if you're a regular, trading drinks will become your second nature.

As far as my first impression goes, Vapour does everything right from the word go! The big bronze bull standing in all its glory at the entrance and the beer boilers on full display indicates that the place means business.

Vapour combines the convolutions of a stock market with the essentials of alcoholic pleasure, making it the only place in town where people rejoice when the stocks are down.

The quirky bar at Vapour, located in the center of its premises, wants you in for the long haul. Clocks set to different time zones are perfectly positioned for you to stay for extended duration, and the live stock exchange updates on mounted LCD TVs and LED tickers turn the aesthetic interiors into a busy Wall Street office within seconds.

You can download the Vapour Bar Exchange app from Google Play and Apple App Store to track the real-time prices of drinks and trade accordingly.

Open every day of the week between 12 noon to 1 A.M., Vapour provides 170 covers in all, which includes a separate seating area for smokers. The Sunday Brunch is served between 12 noon to 4 P.M.; an elaborate Salad / Tapas section, Chaat Corner, Main Course section, and Desserts section is available every Sunday, all for INR 799 only.

You can also place catering and delivery orders (via third-party service providers such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats).

With an extensive fusion menu in place (courtesy Executive Chef Sanjay Yadav), Vapour provides a casual dining experience that exceeds its contemporaries by miles.

The Roomali Seekh Recreated is a prime example of fusion food done right. For a change, the roomali roti does not cover the juicy mutton kebab; instead, it is stuffed inside with the gooey cheese filling, oozing out the moment you take a bite. Try pairing this appetizer with a fresh Apple Cider Beer served from their in-house brewery; you'll absolutely love it!

The three different styles of dhokla served with the Twisted Dhokla (including a chili paneer-esque preparation) is your ideal snack for an evening of drinking and captivating conversations.

Taking the term 'finger licking food' to another level, Vapour's Butter Chicken Cigar Roll is yet another take on the popular North Indian dish. The gravy-turned-dipping sauce is a revelation with the crispy chicken rolls. As far as the guilty pleasures go, the cigar-shaped rolls will be an innovative bar snack on your table.

If innovation in food leaves you wanting more, then The Blood Bank's heady mixture of alcohol and fruits will break the trance and jolt you back to reality. The drink comes in a watermelon shell and the fierce concoction lives up to its sinister and eye-catching name in many ways. The watermelon's freshness balances the intensity of the sambuca shot and your head whirs instead of spinning, right from its first sip.

Vapour is your ideal haunt for dates, family outings, freshly brewed beer, kitty parties, and office lunches. I can't wait to trade my drinks again!

Vapour Bar Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Mouth watering dishes. Also the place.

    Your pictures makes it look more tempting. Really appreciate your photography.

  2. Wow clocks with different time zones and live stock up updates surely are something I haven't seen before. The energy here is probably a lot!

  3. Wow! Who doesn't love freshly brewed drinks... I love bars with in house brewery...
    The food here looks great too!

  4. I have been to this place and I love it. The food is amazing and your food pictures here look so tempting that even after having my dinner I have started feeling hungry again.

  5. What amazing concept .. I have heard of this for the first time..and the pictures of all the dishes are just drool worthy..I would love to visit this exchange for sure..

  6. I have been to vapour bar exchange a lot many times. I have been to sohna road one, and sector 29 one. The food and drinks are really scrumptious there.

  7. These are such mouthwatering dishes and the way you described it is just worth drooling for. I m gonna visit Vapour bar exchange for sure, when I am around the town.

  8. Oh this place and its food n drinks looks really nice too. I come often to gurgaon will make sure to chk this place out next time.

  9. Wow the food certainly looks tempting! Sohna Road is a bit far for me, but maybe we shall make a leisurely day trip of our visit here!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  10. I had been to this bar. It's an amazing experience. Your pictures look really good

  11. These are such mouthwatering dishes. Really appreciate your photography. Great ambience.


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