Oh So Stoned! - Quirky, Fun, and Totally Irresistible

In this blog post, I cover Oh So Stoned!, a new dessert parlor in DLF Cyber Hub Gurugram.

Imagine a dessert parlor that offers the best stoned ice creams, bubble waffles, and shakes, along with your favorite classic beverages like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. There's something about Oh So Stoned! that makes you want to have a sweet tooth forever!

The brainchild of Meghna Rao* and Rohan Lepps - management graduates from ISB Hyderabad - Oh So Stoned! was established as a gourmet desserts fusion ice cream brand in 2013. With 20 outlets opened countrywide in less than four years alone, the phenomenal growth of the brand has even surpassed their very own expectations by every standard. This year, the duo is looking at opening nearly 12 more outlets via the franchise route.

[* For the uninitiated, Meghna, a culinary expert, is certified in Ice Cream Making and Baking from the Dairy and Pastry Department of the Penn State University Creamery USA, one of the most prestigious ice cream schools in the world today.]

What differentiates Oh So Stoned! from other dessert parlors is the efficient use of glacial stone to prepare a unique fusion of fresh gourmet desserts and super premium ice creams. All ice creams have 15 percent cream, making them richer and creamier in flavor.

The signature creations generally carry two scoops of ice creams along with a portion of desserts. Try some of their originals like the Tiramisu Ice Cream, Banoffee Pie Ice Cream, and Paan Ice Cream; there are 70 fantastic flavors to choose from! What's more, you can even go for the Ice Cream Fingers, Ice Cream Tacos, Ice Cream Cakes, and so on.

Unlike most ice cream brands, the super premium 'milk based' ice creams at Oh So Stoned! are not made from vegetable fat. Instead, high-quality tetra packed Amul Gold milk is used, which has a fat content of merely 5%. Also, all ice creams and desserts are made from imported raw materials such as dark cocoa from Indonesia.

The preparation of desserts and sauces is done in-house with the finest organic ingredients. As far as possible, the use of syrups, crushes, and synthetic FMCG products is avoided. No liquid nitrogen, preservatives, colors, and artificial flavors are used, whatsoever!

You can also buy a whole extension of premium dark chocolate almond toffees from 'La Bouche - La Bouche' at Oh So Stoned!

When it comes to thick shakes, my recommendation would be the Cheesecake Shake that contains, lo and behold, a real cream cheesecake. How cool is that!

Feeling too lazy to step out of your home? You can even order your favorite desserts and milkshakes from Oh So Stoned! through Swiggy, their preferred delivery partner.

Hottest Must-haves For The Season
  • Nutella Craze Bubba Waffle
  • Candy Candy Ice Cream (For kids)
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Ice Cream
  • Berrylicious Shake
  • Alcoholic Shakes - Boozy Shake and Whiskey Caramel Shake

Driven by a relentless passion for rich creamy ice creams, the creators of Oh So Stoned! have churned out something quirky, fun, and totally irresistible.

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  1. Being A hotelier, I am sure I Am trying this once. Pictures look so delicious.

  2. Wow. The icecream and the presentation both looked perfect to try. Oh so stoned. Perfect name.

  3. Oh wow, these look sinfully delicious. I would love those to eat those churros with chocolate Sauce right now. I will make a note of this place for sure.


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